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Vaclav Klaus “The Green Agenda Has Parallels With The Excesses Of Communism”

Vaclav Klaus "Green Agenda has parallels with the excesses Communism"

It is difficult for anyone who did not grow up in Eastern Europe during the Cold War to fully understand how life under a Communist regime was lived, once such man who did is Vaclav Klaus, the President of Czechoslovakia.

Vaclav Klaus sprang into the headlines when he refused to sign the Lisbon Treaty, recognising that the rapidly burgeoning EUSSR was becoming as autocratic as the former Czech communist regime he lived under. As the storm raged about Klaus refusing to sign a German MEP called for Klaus to be impeached for not following the party line of the EUSSR.

Marry the lack of democracy and elections in the EU with the blind adherence to Climate Religion and Klaus is definitely on to something with the Green communists.

This week Vaclav Klaus was in Australia and gave a speech at almost the same time that Commissar Christine Milne, deputy leader of the Greens was planning Stalinist control of the Australian media who do not follow the party line on  Climate Religion: Read the rest of this entry

Vaclav Klaus Signs Lisbon Treaty

Today Vaclav Klaus has signed the Lisbon Treaty which is now binding on Britain.

We were promised a referendum by Labour, they broke that promise, they lied to us and created the way for the United Socialist Republic of Europe. Brown does not do elections because they might not turn out the way he wants and Dear Leader always knows what is best for us his children. Another step closer to One World Government which will be pushed subliminally during the Copenhagen Climate Change Lie conference next month.

Daniel Hannan has this to say “Very Well, Alone

Tomorrow David Cameron will announce Conservative policy for Europe post Lisbon ratification.

Vaclav Klaus The Last European

By Tory Aardvark

Who is Vaclav Klaus?


In most cases you will probably have never heard of him unless you are a political blogger or have a keen intertest in European Politics.

President Klaus is the last man standing between us and the disaster that is the Lisbon Treaty.

On the other hand, President Klaus remains far more popular than his ministers. Although Czechs are not especially interested in the details of the European Constitution Lisbon Treaty, 65 per cent of them back their president. Czechs are a proud people, and they resent being pushed around. Can you blame them? It was recently reported that the German Ambassador to Prague had called in the President of the Czech Supreme Court and told him to bring to a swift conclusion the legal challenge against Lisbon. Meanwhile, a senior German MEP called Jo Leinen has called for Mr Klaus to be impeached if he doesn’t sign.

The arrogance of the Socialist Eurocrat MP calling for the President of a Soverign Country to be impeached for daring to disagree with her; another indication of what lies ahead for the UK in the United Socialist States of Europe.

If you want to support President Klaus then click here, here or here