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Guardian – Why Have UK Media Ignored Climate Change Announcements

Guardian cant understand why it is the only British MSM outlet that still prays at the Church of Climatology

There is much wailing, hand wringing and gnashing of teeth over at the Gruniad who cannot understand why most British MSM outlets are no longer broadcasting the lies, messages of fear and fabricated junk science of the AGW scam.

For the whatever number they have made up, 2010 was according to the Church of Climatology the warmest year on record, again breaking all records, over 2005 which was the hottest year since they started fudging data from the 19th Century.

This news tissue of lies was ignored by all Britain’s National Newspapers except the holier than thou Guardian: Read the rest of this entry

Its Holiday Time

It seemed like a good idea at the time, then most things do on warm summer evening after a few beers; lets hire a Dutch barge and go cruising in Holland.

Somewhere in the alcohol fueled enthuiasm Aardvark missed the word October, probably because very few things planned while drunk actually translate in to a real event.

Shock horror about a month ago all the information turned up along with a ferry booking for 6am on October 16th, the dawn of realisation finally hit home, death by hypothermia is a realistic possibility.

With most weather predictions indicating sleet and snow for Tuesday in The Netherlands, Aardvark will take comfort in knowing that for the tenth year in succession this is the warmest year on record.

Barring icebergs and a sudden rise in CO2 blogging will resume next weekend.