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Guardian Dominates The List Of Top 10 Warming Alarmist Journalists

George Joshua Richard Monbiot goes like this the UK’s green journalists were asked to rate their peers by the Press Gazette and the results well, what did you expect when the Church of Climatology pats itself on the back.

The list is dominated by the Guardian/Observer collective and surprisingly only one “journalist” from the BBC which given the volumes of alarmist propaganda they spew out, shows that not even their own kind rates the BBC. Afterall all the tax payers money has been wasted pushing “the message”

Doubtless there will be much gong banging and barking at the moon from the Guardian, their very own ecomentalist and housing commisar Georger Moonbat tops the list: Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Has A Lot In Common With Ed Miliband

Chicken Little has a lot in common with Ed Miliband

Chicken Little showed his true socialist warming alarmist colours today when Chicken addressed a Guardian fringe meeting at the Labtard party conference in Manchester.

Huhne said “he could imagine the Lib Dems working with Labour” at some point in the future Read the rest of this entry

The End Of Warming Alarmism In Britain?

HM Treasury wants to absorb Department of Climate Change

Some really good news for those not taken in by the Climate Change Disruption scam, and still more doom and gloom for the dwindling bunch of warming alarmists.

Chris “Chicken Little” Huhne was only yesterday outlining new plans for Green taxes and further donations to the Church of Climatology, when today comes the news that HM Treasury want to “shit can” the Department of Energy and Climate Change and absorb it’s staff in to HM Treasury.

Huhne is terrified at the prospect that should this happen his staff will , in Huhne’s own words “end up going native”. Read the rest of this entry