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New Fracking Process Uses No Water

The shale gas revolution has always met with hysterical opposition from the warming alarmists and the Green NGOs for the simple reason that shale gas will wipeout the uneconomic Green dreams of wind and solar power.

Unlike the Green renewables, shale gas is profitable without tax payer subsidies, provides lasting jobs and creates wealth and prosperity, as the shale gas revolution in the US has demonstrated.

Fracking has been met with the usual Green hysteria, lies and propaganda as was amply demonstrated by “Gasland” a Green anti-fracking documentary by Josh Fox that set out to prove that fracking contaminated ground water with methane by shooting footage of people setting fire to the water coming out of their taps.

The mere fact that the ground water had been contaminated with methane for decades before fracking ever started does not matter according to Fox, no surprises there then, facts have always been an irrelevance to a Green eco zealot spreading a new fear message. Read the rest of this entry