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Britain Falls Out Of Love With The Green Socialist State

Green ecomentalist prediction of London under water due to man made Climate Change

Across the industrialised world the belief in man made Global Warming, Climate Change or whatever the scan has been renamed is falling.

A recent Pew Research Center annual poll in the US has fear of Anthropogenic Global Warming as the 22nd most important priority for voters, out of 22 priorities, people just dont believe the Green lies and junk science anymore.

Climategate is widely believed to be responsible for the loss of faith in Climate Religion, but new Government figures in Britain show that belief in the Green Environmental Holocaust had already started to decline  in the summer of 2009, several months before the Climategate story broke for the first time. Read the rest of this entry

Green Environmentalist Wants Eco-Gulags For Climate Change Deniers

Finnish Environmentalist - "the state should enact draconian measures of discipline, prohibition, enforcement and oppression in order to make people comply with environmental dictates."

Before the apologists start and say that this eco-facist is a lone voice in the wilderness, not representative of the Green environmental movement and all the usual platitudes used to explain away these people;  Google “Climate Skeptics should be punished” and consider the 7.4 million hits Google returns.

The demands of the Church of Climatology and its supporters for the punishment of sacrilege does not just come from Finland, the calls are global, from people such as the British Royal Family’s Green simpleton Prince Charles, Obama Science Czar John Holdren and  NASA junk scientist James Hansen, who took time off from making up climate data,  to demand jail for Climate Change Deniers.

In Australia Green Socialists have sought to control the media, in July 2011 the Green party leader Christine Milne demanded political censorship and punishment for dissent for the media to the  enthusiastic applause from an  audience of party faithful.

The Green campaigner in question is Finnish environmentalist guru Pentti Linkola who makes a combination of Hitler, Stalin and Mao all rolled into a complete entity, look an attractive proposition: Read the rest of this entry

The Green Guardians of Future Generations

Green Guardians of the Future an idea from the same University that brought us Climategate

Rupert Read a philosopher at the University of East Anglia Climategate Central has come up with a radical new way to control the way we live, by proposing those yet to be born should be represented and have a voice.

When the ecomentalists present a new idea control scenario and describe it as “radical” and “straightforward” then you can safely bet, it will be anything but straightforward. Read the rest of this entry

Watermelon Marxists – Let’s Make Ecocide A Crime

You are guilty of wanting to provide affordable energy

When belief in your religion declines sharply then there is little else left but the repressive marxist trick of making your religion law.

Enter Ecocide which is essentially believe in the religion of the warming alarmists or goto  to jail.

Ecocide includes fracking and extraction of oil from tar sands, in fact Ecocide would cover everything in any way connected to fossil fuels, progress and that most hated of heresies, economic growth.

Now a British lawyer has identified a massive new litigation revenue stream and submitted to the UN the crime of Ecocide: Read the rest of this entry

Green Party Britain Should Give Up Economic Growth

Caroline Lucas - Developed nations like Britain should give up economic growth

Caroline Lucas, Leader of the Green Party and their one and only MP has been talking to the Guardian about her leader’s speech and her plan for a Green pre Agricultural Revolution marxist Britain.

Among the topics discussed are the end of economic growth for Britain: Read the rest of this entry

George Moonbat “Lets Turn Buckingham Palace In To Bedsits”

Power To The People - Wolfie Smith and the Tooting Popular Front

The loss of faith in Climate Religion, and the collapse of the Church of Climatology have taken their toll on George Monbiot.

The Moonbat has wholly abandoned religion and fully embraced Marxism with the same blind faith that had George only year ago believing that our planet was about to eaten by a giant mutant stargoat comprised entirely of frozen CO2.

Sadly the new shift to Marxism makes about as much sense as the Climate Religion.

Moonbat is unhappy about people who live in large houses, alone; Moonbat wants compulsory downsizing most likely on the same floor space model, as that favoured by the tower block builders of the former USSR and other communist satellite states Read the rest of this entry