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Will.I.Am The Hypocritical Champagne Warming Alarmist

William James Adams Jr just another hypocritical champagne celebrity environmentalist and his “hip.hop.copter”

The warming alarmist industry has proved an irresistible draw to hypocrites, liars, fools, knaves and champagne environmentalists, like U2 front man Bono who advocates writing off third world debt with tax payers money, while avoiding paying any tax himself.

Even the saintly Sir Bob Geldorf has efficient tax affairs, just like Bono, another caring celebrity, only with other people’s money.

Next month 50,000 caring ecowarriors will fly to the Rio+20 Earth Summit, emitting thousands of tons of the CO2 they fear so much, all so they can save the planet from other people flying and burning fossil fuels, so it comes as no surprise that when ecowarrior and Black Eyed Peas rapper attended a meeting at Oxford University on Climate Change, he chose to arrive by helicopter, and then cycle the last few hundred yards. Read the rest of this entry