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Each British Wind Farm Job Requires £100,000 Green Subsidy

Every job in Britain's Wind Farm industry is subsidised to the tune of £100,000 every year.

Every job in Britain’s Wind Farm industry is subsidised to the tune of £100,000 every year.

A new analysis of government and industry figures of Britain’s wind industry by the Daily Telegraph has shown yet again that these pointless monuments to Green folly are not only still economically unviable, but also, the Green lie about all the jobs that will be created, is exposed for the naked bare faced lie that it is, as one operator of multiple wind farms admits that wind farms are not labour intensive.

The Great Man Made Global Warming scare was always a political agenda embraced by the left, so it is no surprise to learn that this patently ludicrous system of Green subsidy known as Renewables Obligation was the brain child of Britain’s worst Prime Minister in 200 years, Gordon Brown and his then Green sock puppet Ed Miliband.

The Renewables Obligation is added to energy bills and paid for by every household and employer in the country, forcing families and the most vulnerable into energy poverty, pushing up employers costs and killing jobs, all to support an energy generation system that is intermittent and requires fossil fuel power stations on 24/7 standby for when intermittency strikes. Read the rest of this entry


Most British Wind Farms Are Net CO2 Emitters

Large British wind farms will actually release as much carbon dioxide as fossil-fuel power plants, according to a study conducted by researchers from Aberdeen University

Large British wind farms will actually release as much carbon dioxide as fossil fuel power plants, conclusions of a new study conducted by researchers from Aberdeen University

Wind farms are another of the Greens zero CO2 mirages, naturally the emissions produced during the manufacture of the turbine are ignored, as are the emissions of the fossil fueled coal or gas power station that has to be on standby for when the intermittency problem happens.

A new study by researchers from Aberdeen University has uncovered yet another problem with CO2 emissions and wind farms, this time it is the land that wind farms are built upon that is the source of massive amounts of CO2 being released.

Around of 50% of English onshore wind farms are built on peat bogs or peat based land, in Scotland the total is even higher at 66%: Read the rest of this entry

Wind Farms Cause Localised Warming At Night, But It Is Nice Eco Warming

Study shows that wind farms increase night time temperatures by .72 C, but do not worry because experts say this type of warming would be beneficial.

Apart from turning birds of prey into raptor mince, bursting the lungs of bats flying nearby, destroying the environment where they are manufactured, producing an unreliable electricity supply, pushing up energy costs with their lifeline of Green subsidy, wind farms now cause localised warming at night and very  large wind farms have the potential to alter weather systems as well.

A study by the University of Illinois shows that wind farms decrease day time temperatures slightly and increase night time temperatures: Read the rest of this entry

Britain’s Green Rollback – On Shore Wind

A sort of end is in sight to bird choppers blighting landscapes in Britain.

Sooner or later in politics it is always the fault of the previous government as to why a policy is not working, which normally means the tax paying public hate the policy in question, which in this case is the global warming fear industry and the symbol of the Green agrarian society, the wind turbine.

Politicians were quick to jump on the global warming band wagon as it looked to be a vote winner in 2006, now 6 years down the road, 2 Climategates later, and the complete failure of a single fear prediction to materialise has left politicians wondering how to jump off, before the whole AGW scam collapses completely.

Time to resort to the time honoured, it was the previous governments fault: Read the rest of this entry

National Trust – “The Public Menace Of Wind Farms”

The National Trust is now "deeply sceptical" of wind power

The National Trust has joined the rebellion against the menace of bird choppers, the symbol of Green renewable energy is deeply hated for a whole range of reasons, from despoiling the countryside to the huge amounts of Green taxation and increases to the energy bills via Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROC), wind turbines cause.

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore had this to say “The industry is a destroyer of wealth and negative to the economy”, Moore now refers to himself as a “sensible environmentalist“. Read the rest of this entry

Tory MPs Tell David Cameron To Cut Green Taxes For WindFarms

Tory MPs are joining forces in a new group pressing for the Government to review funding for a technology they argue does “more harm than good”

The disproportionate influence of the Lib  Dems on the coalition government has been clearly shown in many fudged policy decisions, the worst of which is the whole renewables crusade driven entirely by Chris Huhne and his insane personal desire to have 32,000 on shore bird choppers.

The coalition government is shaky at best, if this were not the case then the disingenuous Huhne would not have lasted so long, Huhne has in fact achieved nothing but promoting his Climate Religion and helped line the pockets of those rich enough to own enough land to have a windfarm cash generater that pays when it generates electricty, and also pays when it does not generate electricty.

British windfarms have been paid millions of pounds to not generate electricity, which Huhne seems to think is reasonable and provides cost effective power, most probably because Greenpeace, WWF and FoE told Huhne that Green subsidised energy is cheap, politically correct and wholly endorsed by the Church of Climatology.

Now, at last MPs are hearing the uproar about the whole Green renewables scam, well at least Tory MPs are, don’t expect any opposition from the Green socialists in the Labour and Lib Dem parties.
Read the rest of this entry

Japanese Government Halts Subsidies For Wind Farms

The Divine Wind of Green subsidy has ceased to blow in Japan

The global decline in prohibitively expensive Green renewable energy continues with the news that the Japanese Government is putting a stop to the Green taxation that allowed wind farms to exist in Japan.

In the last 12 months just 33 bird choppers have been added to the Japanese grid: Read the rest of this entry

Huhne Uses Anti Terror Legislation Against Wind Farm Protestors

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 is being used against Wind Farm opponents

The Green Marxists are stepping up the pressure to protect their sacred wind farms by abusing the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) 2000 to harass opponents to the Green Marxist Agrarian dream.

RIPA has been widely criticised that the act has been used for petty and vindictive cases, such as checking to see what catchment areas families are in for schooling  and most famously for checking the contents of rubbish bins, a far cry from the original purpose of the act which was to fight terrorism, prevent crime and public disorder offences.

The Greenest Government Ever is using RIPA to harass George Watson Legal Advisor to the European Platform Against Wind Farms: Read the rest of this entry

A Happy Christmas For Wind Farms Paid £1 million To Shut Down

While coal and gas plants pay the grid to switch off because they save money by not generating fuel, wind farm operators demand compensation for “lost” subsidies.

Christmas and New Year have been good for wind farms, as their operators not satisfied with their grasping hands grabbing Green taxation to keep their uneconomic bid choppers running, demand compensation for the loss of subsidy Green taxation when the bird choppers have to be shut down when there is no demand for their electricity. Read the rest of this entry

Why Wind Turbines Explode

During the recent storms that hit Scotland a £2 million 328 foot tall wind turbine exploded and rained shrapnel and fire on the surrounding area, all caused by  a 50mph wind.

As usual the so called “Renewable Energy” experts are calling it a freak accident with only a 1% chance of the accident happening.

There are 2 serious problems that afflict wind turbines, blade failure and gearbox failure, the latter failure usually results in the wind turbine catching fire; it is a problem that the renewables industry has long been  aware of: Read the rest of this entry