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Prince Philip Wind Farms Are Absolutely Useless And A Disgrace

Prince Philip Windfarms are completely reliant on subsidies and would never work

Prince Philip joined the outcry at the weekend about the economic insanity of wind farms and how wind power will never work without huge tax payer subsidies,  and raised again the major flaw in the whole renewables industry, wind farms require 100% backup capacity from conventional power stations for those days when it is too cold or the wind speed is too fast, then of course there are the days when the wind farm operators are paid millions of pounds to not generate electricity.

Prince Philip’s views on wind farms put him at complete odds with the elephant eared moron, who masquerades at the heir to the throne, who in February this year was demanding that anyone who does not buy into the man made Global Warming scam must be held accountable

Esbjorn Wilmar, managing director of Infinergy who are currently sucking  up millions in tax payer subsidies to build off shore wind farms was treated to the truth about his industry in the style that only Phil the Greek can do: Read the rest of this entry

Panorama – Is There A Climate Of Change At The BBC

Off shore wind even the BBC now acknowledge the huge cost of subsidies

There is a phrase appearing more and more frequently in papers and blogs: In the post man made global warming world, encouraging but as with all things it needs to be taken with a dose of cautious realism.

Last nights BBC1 Panorama program on rising energy costs was nothing like the usual fare of Church of Climatology propaganda broadcast relentlessly by the BBC, naturally there was no mention of the potential shale gas revolution for Britain, but equally there was no mention of Global Warming, Climate Change or whatever natural climate change is called by warming alarmists these days.

When the BBC make a program that upsets the warming alarmists then just possibly we are about to enter the world of post man made global warming Read the rest of this entry

Is Chris Huhne Telling The Truth About The Real Cost Of Green Subsidies

The real costs of Huhne's Green agenda for wind could be much higher than Huhne claims

There are some questions to be answered about Chris Huhne’s explanation that ever rising prices for gas and electricity are mainly caused by fossil fuel costs, with only a tiny fraction of the increases supporting the massive susbidies taxes on everyone’s energy bills.

Wholesale energy prices peaked in 2008, and then fell back at the end of 2009, retail energy prices however after a slight fall stayed well above the 2008 peak, there were modest increases in wholesale price, last year and this year, but wholesale prices today, are well below the 2008 peak.

Fossil fuel prices have fallen, yet Huhne maintains that ever rising fossil fuel prices are the cause of all time high energy bills: Read the rest of this entry

Wind Turbines – Now They Are A Threat To National Security

Wind Farms don't work, ruin people's lives, slaughter birds and now threaten National Security

The Wind Farm, the single most useless form of reliable electricity generation yet invented, and the second most expensive for consumers after biomass.

Wind Turbines blight lives, ruin landscapes and slaughter protected birds with impunity, now these symbols of Climate Religion pose a threat to National Security: Read the rest of this entry