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The Dutch Lose Faith In Windturbines, Comments Please Chris Huhne

New Dutch governement is stopping subsidies to wind power

As Chris Huhantic prepares to make wind power a major electricity generation source for this country with all the dangers that entails for both energy security, and cost, the Dutch are fast losing faith in wind turbines and so called renewable energy sources.

The new Dutch government is cutting back on subsidies for most forms of renewable energy, and ending subsidies for wind power, solar power and biomass Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne The Climate Nut Who Will Cause Blackout Britain

The future for Blackout Britain if Chris Huhne follows his Climate Religion

Why does it take politicians so long to catch up with the real world?

One politician who lags far behind the practical relalities of his beliefs is Chris Huhnatic, a man so wedded to Climate Religion that he is willing to jepordaise the energy security of Britain, in pursuit of the Holy Grail of windfarms. So blinkered is Huhnatic in his desire for wind power, he has overlooked the key ingredient in the whole scheme, wind or rather the the increasing lack of it.

This should hardly be news to Huhnatic, as his own depatment published a report showing 12% Fall In UK Renewable Energy Production in October 2010.

The week previous to the report Huhnatic, opened a giant windfarm at Thanet, hailing it as the way forward for electricty generation. A week later his own department publishes a report that wind speeds are declining, which leaves Aardvark wondering if Huhnatic is badly briefed by his staff, or if Huhnatic is so blinded by Climate Relgion that his judgement is impaired. Read the rest of this entry