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How To Make Wind And Solar Appear Cheaper

Another wind turbine destroyed by the wind it is supposed to harvest.

Another wind turbine destroyed by the wind it is supposed to harvest.

It is no secret that the Green dream of wind and solar energy cannot survive without huge Green taxation in the form of subsidies on all energy bills, the minute that there is talk of subsidy cuts the whole renewables industry goes into meltdown, if you need proof just look at Big Wind in the USA screaming when the Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC) that subsidies American Wind looked like it would not be renewed, or Britain where solar energy companies are suing the Government for cutting the subsidies paid for electricity generated by solar panels.

Any industry that is based on tax payer subsidy is not a real economically viable business, it is little different from any nationalized enterprise or government department, funded by the bottom less pit of the tax payer wallet.

Wind and solar are expensive, heavily over subsidized by governments because they are supposedly Green, and like a junkie, will never kick their subsidy habit, if you need further proof then consider how many years wind farms have been kept alive by the PTC in the United States, which started in 1992.

A recent study of wind farms in Britain and Denmark has concluded that the operational life of a wind turbine is only 50% of that quoted by the manufacturers, with governments and energy planners basing their projections on 25 year life spans the cost of the wind farm has just doubled.

All these inconvenient truths about renewables are recognized by the warming alarmists who now want to factor in the cost of burning fossil fuels, that could have been used instead for petrochemicals, to make renewable energy look cheaper: Read the rest of this entry