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COP19 – Coal The Silent And Terrible Ghost In The Room

Coal the silent and terrible ghost in the COP19 room.

Coal the silent and terrible ghost in the COP19 room.

Flashback COP15 Copenhagen November 2009 Warming Alarmism as political force has just peaked and though the major protagonists have yet to realize it, the long slow painful disintegration of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam has begun.

In blissful ignorance of the coming storm the true agenda of the warming alarmists was being openly aired and applauded by the likes of Gordon Brown, Nicholas Sarkozy, the late and unlamented Hugo Chavez and the late President of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi who pronounced that the answer to Climate Change was Global Socialism.

Not long afterwards Hugo Chavez made his infamous “Silent and Terrible Ghost in the room” speech, a reference to capitalism and the free market economy to rapturous applause from all present.

Among those in the enthusiastic audience was one Christiana Figueres, Head of the UNFCCC, socialist thinker and long time Chavez ally. Read the rest of this entry

The Answer To Global Warming Is Socialism

That is it then, in the post Rio+20 failed world of sustainable development the only hope for the Green agenda, and reducing CO2 emissions is socialism.

To be fair there is an element of truth in the reducing of CO2 emissions, given that there has yet to be a socialist government anywhere in the world that has not run its finances like a junkie trying to finance their habit with Pay Day loan sharks, and the resulting economic crash, that by killing industry and jobs does reduce CO2 emissions.

The Spanish experiment with Green socialism is a case in point, the rush to Green the Spanish economy by the then socialist government and the ludicrous Green subsidies paid to wind and solar have been a major contributor to that country’s current economic problems. Read the rest of this entry

All Socialists Are The Same – The Syndrome Of Other People’s Money

The Grand Master of Socialism and his disciples

In Britain we have just emerged from the 13 year dark age of socialism as envisaged by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, in the USA they are nearly halfway through their socialist experiment with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, and just like in Britain it’s not going well the in the USA.

What is surprising is that Obama missed out on his Tony Blair period and after about 3 months was firmly in the Gordon Brown period, where like Brown, Obama’s popularity and approval rating has dropped faster than a heavy thing falling from a great height.

During all Labour governments there is always a time when people start to leave Britain in droves, but what most people never think about is US citizens Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Free Parking Is Destroying The Planet In UK And USA

In yet another clear orchestration of the man made Climate Change fruad, a California state senator is trying to push through the same parking space scam that Brown and Green eco warriors are trying in this country.

The plan in the UK is that from 2012 Nottingham Council will introduce a workplace tax levy that hits any company with more than 11 parking places and charges £250 per parking space. Not yet introduced, the tax is already set to rise to £350 by 2014. Other councils are likely to follow and in the name of man made Climate Change and cutting CO2 emissions,  what we have here is effectively a tax on jobs which will lead to further unemployment.

As part of the review of Council Tax bandings Labour is looking to tax you for having an onstreet parking place, off road parking, a driveway and a garage.

So it comes as no surprise that the hymn sheet of the Church of Climatology is being sung in California: Read the rest of this entry