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The Poppy Field At Wotton Bassett

Royal British Legion Wootton Bassett Field of Remembrance at Lydiard Park in Wiltshire.

The first remembrance field dedicated to the men and women killed in Afghanistan has been opened by Prince Harry.

The prince has also planted a cross in the Royal British Legion Wootton Bassett Field of Remembrance at Lydiard Park in Wiltshire.

The 342 UK service personnel who have lost their lives in the conflict were honoured with a two-minute silence.

Up to 35,000 crosses will be planted, each with a personal message. Read the rest of this entry

Al-Mujahiroun Plans To March On Wootton Bassett

British War Dead Come Home At Wotton Bassett

Wootton Bassett is a small market town in Wiltshire, which has become a focus for respect and shared grief and mourning with families of our war dead.

For our readers from outside the UK,  Wootton Bassett as a community turns out whatever the weather to line the roads as the hearses carrying the coffins our dead are driven to Oxford, not only in Wotton Bassett but all along the road small parties of ex-servicemen and women and people who just want to show solidarity with families line the route.

Wootton Bassett has been kept free of politics, no politician would dare show their face, they would not be welcome.

News that Islam For The UK is organising a march on Wotton Bassett has caused outrage and anger, and must be condemned as a very stupid and inflammatory act.

This is the type of Islamic fundamentalist stupidity that plays right into the hands of their enemies and motivates those who were happy to live and let live, to take a stand and adopt a militant opinion.
It is calculated to cause maximum offence to people.

Islam4UK, a platform for the global front Al-Muhajiroun, would like to announce the launch of a momentous march that is scheduled to take place in the following weeks, details of which will be released shortly inshaa’allah (God willing).

The destination of this very special event is the small market town of Wootton Bassett, located 6 miles Southwest of Swindon, in northern Wiltshire; Wootton Bassett, is currently famous for its public mourning processions held in memory of British soldiers killed whilst on military service in Afghanistan; coffins containing the dismembered bodies of these soldiers are usually draped in union jack flags and driven through the town centre from RAF Lyneham, as a tribute to their ‘sacrifice’.
The proposed march by members of Islam4UK is however of a very different venture, held not in memory of the occupying and merciless British military, but rather the real war dead who have been shunned by the Western media and general public as they were and continue to be horrifically murdered in the name of Democracy and Freedom – the innocent Muslim men, women and children.

It is quite extraordinary, that with well over 100,000 Muslims killed in Afghanistan in the last 8 years that those military serviceman who have directly or indirectly contributed to their death are paraded as war heroes and moreover honoured for what is ultimately genocide.

We at Islam4UK find this totally unacceptable and as a result have decided to launch the ‘Wootton Bassett March’ to highlight the real casualties of this brutal Crusade.

If you would like more information about the ‘Wootton Bassett March’ or are Muslim and would like to take part in it please contact the following numbers:

What are they hoping to achieve with this other than confrontation and still more recruits for the BNP ?

There is no link to their web site becuase Aardvark wont provide traffic to sites that peddle this sort of divisive hatred. Read the rest of this entry