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The Next IPCC Report “Is Going To Scare The Wits Out Of Everyone”

Former UN Climate Scam chief Yvo De Boer knows the next IPCC report will be full of scientific errors, Green NGO propaganda and more scary predictions of environmental Armageddon

The 5th Assessment report of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is going to be full of more scary predictions of environmental Armageddon, so scared will we be, that without a murmur we will all acquiesce to one world government by the UN and embrace the Green Agrarian Hell with joy.

Once upon a time Yvo De Boer was the head honcho in the UN Climate Change scam, but after the failure of COP15, De Boer unexpectedly resigned due to frustration at the outcome of COP15.

The IPCC reports are either politically motivated science to support the Green Agenda, or simply the propaganda of Greenpeace and the WWF, as was the case with Glaciergate.

In common with the vast majority of those employed at the IPCC, their Leader Dr Rajendra Pachauri is not a Climate Scientist, neither is he unbelievably a researcher for Greenpeace or the WWF, he is in fact a Railway Engineer who has presided over one of the biggest scientific scams since Piltdown Man: Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Yvo De Boer Unexpectedly Resigns

Yvo De Boer UN snakeoil salesman

More bad news for AGW alarmists as Yvo De Boer jumps ship in a sudden and unexpected resignation. De Boer will be stepping down in July.

So who will the UN choose next to keep pushing wealth redistribution and one world government?

Will there be many takers for the job of UN snakeoil salesman?

De Boer said that he was not quitting the key UN Framework convention on climate change (UNFCCC) post because the Copenhagen climate talks in December were widely seen as a failure. “We were about an inch away from a formal agreement. It was basically in our grasp, but it didn’t happen. So that was a pity,” he said.

But he was known to have been frustrated by the outcome, and doubtful whether anyone could steer through a major global agreement between wildly diverging rich and poor countries. Today he said hat the talks were “on track,” but that he was uncertain that a full treaty could be finalised this year.

De Boer is widely credited with raising AGW from just another environmental issue to the intergenerational global scam we see today top of the International agenda.

De Boer has been every bit as a complict in the AGW scam as the lying scientists, dishonest world leaders and the groups like Oxfam and WWF with a secret agenda of wealth resdistribution, and his departure is good news as it is yet another nail in the AGW liars coffin.