UN Climate Talks In Bonn Fail

The latest round of UN Climate Talks in Bonn have failed with the usual lack of trust between the parties.

The latest round of UN Climate Talks in Bonn have failed with the usual lack of trust between the parties.

The UN Climate Circus met in Bonn, Germany last week, though with the exception of dedicated Green news outlets and blogs the whole event passed with no main stream media attention, such is the state of global warming fear fatigue these days.

The divisions are along the usual lines of who will cut emissions and by how much, the lack of contributions from the so called rich countries to the Green Climate Fund and Loss and Damage, more commonly known as wealth redistribution.

Loss and Damage was the reason that COP19 was dead in the water, even before it had started. Barack Obama instructed US Climate Envoys prior to COP19 that giving away trillions of dollars for years to pay for the guilt of being an industrialized nation would not “float with the voters.”

A few months on little has changed as the latest round of UN climate talks achieved nothing:

Levels of trust between leading developing countries and the USA and EU member states appears to have hit a new low after a week of UN climate talks in Bonn.

India, China and 24 other countries in the Like-Minded Developing Countries (LDMC) group say the brunt of greenhouse gas cuts must be made by industrialised countries.

The US, EU and Switzerland say the global climate deal scheduled to be agreed in Paris next year will only work if all countries make commitments, which they say was agreed in 2011 in Durban.

The problem with who cuts CO2 emissions goes like this, the LDMC group say that the countries who have historically emitted the most CO2 must bear the brunt of emissions reductions, other factions including the industrialized world say the cuts must be based on current CO2 emissions.

The objective of the Bonn meeting was to do ground work on how a Climate deal at COP21 Paris in 2015 could work, instead the meeting quickly broke down into fractious exchanges between delegates.

Switzerland’s Ambassador for the Environment Franz Perrez told RTCC “dogmatic views such as all Annexe 2 have to pay, and it’s only them to have to pay” are preventing the talks from progressing.

He said climate vulnerable countries such as the Philippines should disassociate themselves with the LDMC group, which he accused of trying to slow the talks.

Perrez said: “I do not understand, if you look at what the position of the Philippines should be, they should not defend the interest of China, of India, of Singapore, of Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, so it’s surprising how they are arguing in favour of maintaining a regime that is not in their advantage.”

The UN backed Green Climate Fund (GCF) is still struggling for money and there is a GCF board meeting scheduled for May to decide how to distribute the money, always assuming that the GCF board members have decided whether to fly First or Business Class to Bali for the meeting.

The delivery of extra flows of finance – long the subject of bitter exchanged between countries – is likely to depend on when the UN-backed Green Climate Fund comes online.

In 2009 rich nations committed to supplying $100 billion a year by 2020, and delivered $30 billion between 2010-2012.

The world is a far apart as ever, a fact we should all be thankful for, from agreeing a climate deal that would spell disaster for civilization as we know it.

Heads of state in the democratic industrialized world know that they can never sell the idea to voters of declining living standards and giving away billions of pounds, dollars, euros et al to the developing world.

Little wonder then that the head of the UNFCCC, Christiana Figueres thinks that dictatorship and communism are the best forms of government to force Agenda 21 through.


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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. http://toryaardvark.com @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  2. Seriously spot on TA. Quality reporting, thanks. JD.

  3. Climate hysteria is nearly over. We just have to medicate the last few remaining zealots and then return to normal. In the Tasmanian (Aust State) elections the greens vote was down 10%.

  4. The people attending these junkets don’t care about anything other than keeping the gravy train on the rails. We pay for this nonsense.

  5. the gravy train is falling apart… slow death to the warmist with thousand cuts – unfortunately, they have already looted a lot

  6. Tivula the island that cried for help, seems to be growing larger and hasn’t got a penny from the UNCCF, they said the claim of theirs was too complicated for them to send in?
    It’s like applying for an insurance claim, you have to give factual evidence? Ha Ha.
    Well these alarmists are part of a growing number of people who are turning to nastiness when their evidence and gods like Michael Mann and Al Gore are ridiculed. I’m glad that Tassie got rid of the Greens, it appears their economy is not well, and they depend on 60% of the income from the federal government, because business will not go there because of their Green agendas.

  7. It’s past time this whole climate warming catastrophe farce came to it’s natural end as it is only being used a political sledgehammer to achieve global redistribution of wealth from developed to under developed countries.
    The public has had enough of these do(om) -gooders who preach pseudo scientific simplistic nonsense on climate change when the geo-scientific record shows massive temperature change over the last 10,000 years and we are currently in a low part of an inter ice age cycle.
    Essentially the CO2 pollution story has been grossly overdone as it is well known that historical atmospheric CO2 rise is results from global temperature rise due to ocean degassing and other natural physical processes. We are not in control of these effects but pure passengers on the climate express whose destination is presently unknown.
    Get used to our ignorance on this subject, and don’t prematurely prescribe nasty economic medicine for a possible hot future that is simply – highly unlikely- in current IPCC polispeak.

    We need to be a lot smarter as humans to survive on this rapidly over populated planet before we discover the means to getting out into the larger universe and achieving our wider destiny.

    • Gotta disagree with a couple of points there, Bob.

      One, the world’s not overpopulated. Try http://www.drtimball.com
      In particular his essay: Overpopulation: the fallacy behind the fallacy of global warming.
      Also: http://www.overpopulationisamyth.com
      The world has the capacity now to feed 10 billion, but won’t, preferring, in Yankeeland, to put the produce of millions of acres into their gas tanks as Ethanol.
      An “Environmentalist” policy, actually a eugenicist policy.

      The CAGW/CC scam is aimed at a One World Govt, Marxist style totalitarianism, for the benefit of the 1%s, banksters & their cronies.
      Also planned is a massive world population cull of 13 of 14 people now alive, the abolition of the family, private property, & individual nations under the One World Govt.

      Research: Agenda 21 for dummies

      If you google agenda 21, you get the “Green” vanilla lies the 1%s want us to swallow.

      Try also Youtube & put in Agenda 21’s Globalist Death Plan for Humanity. 51 minutes.

      Fact truly is stranger than fiction.


      PS: I’m totally with you aiming for the Stars. 🙂 At 60 now, I won’t make it.
      But I’ve been there in my imagination, guided by Asimov & Heinlein, to name just two of the best.

  8. They can’t as yet find that Malaysian missing plane. With all the spy satellites etc., sightings, etc., we don’t know. Evidence suggests that the plane was hi-jacked. People forget the threat that was made last year by a terrorist group. We’ll hi-jack a plane etc.,
    Of course they won’t hold the passengers for ransom, or they will be traced. If we can’t do this, how can we predict future climates. The Israelis are on the look out, fearing it will come their way, and they are pretty smart.

  9. What is remarkable about all this, is the idea that industrialised nations must some how pay for their “sins” for emitting CO2 in the process of progress. It is evident this is all about political propaganda because the issue is all just one sided.

    So I wish to pose the following questions.

    Who will compensate the industrialised nations for all the general good they have done for the world?

    Who will compensate these advanced nations for their incredible inventions and discoveries?

    Who will compensate these advanced nations for their invaluable contribution to improving the world’s standard of health and hygiene, education and well being?

    Who will compensate these advanced nations for lifting most countries out of poverty, or for making them less poor, and for changing the world to one to which no present generation would prefer to return?

    And when exactly are these advanced countries ever going to stand up and be proud of their achievements in changing the world for the better, instead of preaching doom and gloom over a relatively insignificant contribution of just 3% of the total amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere each year (responsible for only about 0.12 of 1% of the greenhouse effect) and feeling a need to sacrifice themselves for the greater good just because they feel obliged to now feel guilty over a flawed CO2 ideology?

    How can governments simply concentrate on one supposedly negative aspect of CO2 without considering the overwhelming number of proven benefits, scientific and economic, of have more CO2 in the atmosphere?

    Our forefathers must be looking at the current western world’s generation thinking “what damn fools!”

  10. Just in on WUWT a scientist says there are bigger threats to us than climate change. Solar storms, that can wipe out communications etc., this increasing the scope and range of the Northern and Southern lights. Didn’t we experience something like this recently? Think of the cost of this search of MH360? There are somethings we humans can not control, and paying third world countries for our alleged poisoning them with our industry, seems just a UN trying to get money under false pretensions.

  11. We can’t change the weather, and that is what kills us. We and animals have adapted to any major climate change, such as ice ages etc., and what helps us survive nowadays is technology, sadly lacking in some countries. If they still only survive in a subsistence farming economy, then they are vulnerable to not only lack of rain, but government controls, like in India and Pakistan, where loans from the IMF were corrupted and handed out but the farmers were charged higher interest rates. Subsequently they moved to the cities, where they could get more employment and exploited. So the easier way is to seek compensation from industrialized countries who can be blamed, not their particular corrupt governments.

  12. The alarmists are getting nasty, Prof.Tol withdraw from the UNIPCC as he reckoned they were tooo alarmist, and is getting death threats etc. Well join the club, Prof. The truth does not go down with these fraudsters. And Mark Steyn is counter sueing Mike Mann, good, it’s about time.

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