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Someone Should Tell Obama That The Flat Earth Society Believes In AGW

Flat Earther is another term used by warming alarmists to denigrate those that do not believe in Climate Religion.

Flat Earther is another term used by warming alarmists to denigrate those that do not believe in Climate Religion or fear CO2.

Denier, Climate Contrarian and an old favorite not heard since the UNFCCC Copenhagen COP15 fiasco, flat earther, all terms used by the socialists and Greens to try to discredit those that believe science is about observed empirical evidence, not a sheep like pseudo scientific consensus.

You can tell a lot about a disparaging term, by looking at those that throw the term around, in this case flat earther was a popular slur for one James Gordon Brown, the worst British PM in 200 years. When Brown’s hysterically funny 50 Days to Save World speech crashed and burned in the run up to COP15, and then when COP15 followed suit, Brown started calling everyone who did not believe in the AGW scam flat earthers.

Gordon Brown has enough issues to be a case study for any psychology student after a PhD, famous for being absolutely right about everything in his own mind as was seen by the slip in a speech Brown made in the House of Commons where he claimed to have saved the world, before quickly correcting himself, those that disagreed with the great man had to dodge a barrage of flying Nokias in Downing Street.

Brown was under no illusions he was unelectable he either dodged or chickened out of any election that came his way, until finally he ran out of time and the voters passed judgement on the Great Man who promised he had abolished Boom and Bust. Anyone delusional enough to believe they have abolished Boom and Bust would naturally believe in the politically motivated scientific consensus of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Now as the Boy King in the US, Barry Obama tries to by-pass the democratic process with his Climate Change agenda the term flat earther has been dusted off and wheeled out again: Read the rest of this entry


Tony Blair And Gordon Brown Are The Root Cause Of Ever Increasing Energy Bills

The cause of your ever rising energy bills, all so Blair could play the Great I Am on the world stage

Labour’s legacy to Britain has been horrendous, incredible debt from a deliberate scorched earth policy of profligate spending, unfettered immigration to force the disaster that is multiculturalism on Britain and the deliberate destruction of pension schemes to name but three.

The latest sting in the tail to float up from the bottom of the Labour Socialist cesspool is the ever increasing cost of energy,  all brought about so Tony Blair after having his illegal war in Iraq could continue to play the “Great I Am” on the world stage. Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown – The Delusional Exploding Fuckwit

As Britain struggles under the weight of debt from the profligate spending of the worst Chancellor of the Exchequer and the worst Prime Minister in 300 years Gordon Brown, a new book says that Brown has been stewing in a pot of righteous indignation garnished with delusional thoughts of him saving the world, again.

Brown slithered out from underneath his rock in August to launch a diatribe of lies against News International and to let everyone know that he, Gordon Brown was right about everything and everyone else was wrong.

The world looked on and said “Sorry Gordon you have us confused with someone who gives a shit about you

Now a new book Brown at Number 10 by Anthony Seldon and Guy Lodge reveals more about the most damaged personality to become PM since the end of World War 2: Read the rest of this entry

Warming Alarmists Feel The Heat

The Settled Science of Obama; less settled following court orders to release papers

Climategate the turning point in the fight against the warming alarmists, wealth redistributors and one world govenrmentalists is still causing problems for Al Gore and the disciples of the Church of Climatology.

The Universities of Virginia in the USA and East Anglia in Britain were complict in the lies and manufacture of junk science to prove the existence of  Anthropogenic Global Warming, both Universities were obstructive in meeting Freedom of Information requests and both Universities investigated themselves in scarcely believable white washes, cunningly disguised as investigations in to their scientific practices. Carefully constructed questions ensured a pre-determined result.

Now the University of Virginia has been ordered by a court to release papers it had previously refused to release Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown Lied Over The Release Of The Lockerbie Bomber

Lockerbie bomber returns to Libya a celebrity

We all knew Gordon Brown lied about the release of the Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, when Brown and the other members of his regime said it was a Scottish matter, they lied.

A well orchestrated lie involving not only the governments of 2 countries, but also the Duke of York.

The Foreign Office advised Libya on the legal niceties of using the convicted murderer’s cancer diagnosis to get him released early Read the rest of this entry

2010 The Decline Of The Global Warming Scam Part 2 February

They could not hide the decline in the numbers deserting the AGW scam

January 2010 saw denial from the warming alarmists about the state of their scam and the snow that blanketed the northern hemisphere.

Despite vitriolic attacks on Climate Realists from Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband, Barack Hussein Obama and the usual suspects the Climategate juggernaut ploughed inexorably on, exposing more cracks in the alamrmists ranks and a whole horde more “gates” just wating to be opened.

Then the two major assholes mouthpieces for the AGW scam in Britain, The Guardian and The BBC turned on each other like scorpions in a ring of fire. Read the rest of this entry

What Now For Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown appeals to Labours core vote at the General Election

This time last year Gordon Brown was everywhere, trying to force through a deal in Copenhagen to save the world from a non existent threat, leading Al Gore in to broom cupboards and busily screwing this country in to the ground in a scorched earth policy of spend, spend, spend and spend some more.

Then Gordon Brown loses the General Election as the voters showed their enthusiasm for another 5 years of bullying, bigotry and Nokia flinging, even losing the election could still not get the cursed one eyed son of the Manse out of Downing Street.

Then suddenly like a fart blown away by a sudden gust of wind, Gordon was gone, disappeared, dropped off the radar. Read the rest of this entry

COP16 Gordon Brown Killed COP16 At Copenhagen

The curse of Jonah Brown killed COP15 and COP16; at least Brown got one thing right

When any form of Marxist scam ends there always have to be those that take the blame and are either executed, or sent to the Gulags.

The total implosion of the Marxist wealth redistribution scam, aka Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Disruption, Biodiversity, is no exception as the scam has spectacularly failed so the apportionment of blame has started.

Jumping on the blame bandwagon is Lord Fat Bastard of Bus Lane Prescott with plenty of blame for his former leader, Gordon Brown Read the rest of this entry

Wednesday’s Caption Competition Not Sponsored By Mini Me Or Tena Pants

H/T Grumpy Old Twat

Biodiversity Is The New Global Warming

Biodiversity the new Global Warming scam and about as successful as the old scam

There is an increasing trend in newspapers like The New York Times and The Guardian to try the old business as usual ploy that failed so badly at Copenhagen last year. It is almost as if the journalists concerned have been in hibernation since Gordon Brown led Al Gore into a broom cupboard.

In todays Guardian there is a total time warp piece from Jonathan Watts about the Biodiversity COP10 scam in Nagoya where the warming alarmists are busily repackaging their AGW scam as new dose of fear regarding species extinction. The cause you will be relieved to hear is naturally man made climate change.

The usual suspects for the warming alarmists get slapped, Western European nations, Canada and that great satan the USA, who has never signed up to the Convention on Biodiversity. Read the rest of this entry