UN Climate Scam Cabal Tries To Frighten India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not be going to Ban ki-moons Climate Summit so the Asian Development Bank has produced a report predicting Green Armageddon in South Asia.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not be going to Ban ki-moons Climate Summit so the Asian Development Bank has produced a report predicting Green Armageddon in South Asia.

The Greens and Liberals whose default state is outrage have had a lot to be outraged about recently, the death of Australia’s ill conceived carbon tax and the lack of enthusiasm for UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon’s Climate Summit in September which is being held in New York.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of many world leaders who will not be attending Ban ki-moon’s Climate Summit.

India is the third largest emitter of the life giving CO2 that the warming alarmists fear so much, consequently the Green outrage at Modi’s snub to Ban ki-moon has reached fever pitch.

Now the Asian Development Bank has produced a report predicting Green Armageddon in South Asia unless India gets on board with the UN program:

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has made clear his priority is economic development.

Protecting the environment appears to be a secondary concern, as shown by his intention not to attend Ban Ki-moon’s climate talks next month.

Yet if the world continues on its carbon-intensive path, climate change will slash up to 8.7% a year off India’s GDP in 2100.

Modi’s priority is to get the benefits of electricity to the 400 million Indians who do have any access to electricity and the all the benefits that brings of purified water, the ability to store vaccines and all the other things we in the developed world take for granted.

The Greens have again shown their callous disregard for people over Gaia worship, protecting the environment is a secondary priority as the extract states, the Greens want to keep 400 million people in the drudge and misery of the Agrarian society they so desperately wish us all to regress to.

“South Asia’s economy is under serious threat and the lives and livelihoods of millions of South Asians inhabiting the region’s many mountains, deltas, and atolls are on a knife edge,” said Bindu Lohani, ADB vice president for sustainable development.

“Countries must respond individually and collectively to cope with rising sea levels, disrupted water, food, and energy supply and increased disease.”

Observed empirical evidence shows that sea levels are hardly rising, but since when did the truth get in the way of the Green meme?

Other countries in South Asia will be even worse affected by floods, droughts and other extreme weather caused by climate change, the ADB found.

The Maldives faces a hit of 12.6%, Nepal 9.9% and Bangladesh 9.4%

The Maldives home of the cabinet meeting underwater stunt prior to COP15 in Copenhagen.

The whole Maldives sinking beneath waves was another lie, construction was already under way of a new airport and seaplane terminal to be completed by July 2014, to give the Maldives sufficient capacity for increasing tourism to 2035, some 18 years after the islands were allegedly going to be submerged.

As with any story follow the money, in this case the Asian Development Bank and their links to the United Nations programs and funds.

Says it all.


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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. http://toryaardvark.com @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. I read somewhere that Putin is putting together an international bank to lend to the developing world. So that when the Thermageddonists refuse loans for power stations he can step in with the money. There could well be a parallel UN soon peopled by realists not crazies like Obama and his ilk.. Can’t find the reference….got it! http://rt.com/business/173008-brics-bank-currency-pool/

  2. You being a climate skeptic, I can somewhat understand your advocacy for a delusional position on climate change, even through you form an insignificant minority. Nonetheless, I don’t understand why you have a problem with agrarianism. Are you suggesting that we should leave the art of growing food to robots, or perhaps no one at all and we can all starve to death? Your labeling of agrarianism troubles me as I’m concerned the Tory party will loose the rural British vote with such loose talk! 😉

    • “Agrarianism” implies a total dependence on the products of the soil. It’s pre-industrial and implicitly vegetarian, too. An agrarian society would not have given you the means to contribute to this discussion. Be good to your nut cutlets.

      • Owen, I come from the very agrarian society Tory Ardvark is writing about and I am contributing to this discussion. Also, the implications you suggest are based on your interpretations of agrarianism. The emphasis on farming as a way of life and an activity that provides food for a society doesn’t seem particularly threatening to me, someone who has lived in cities yet fully appreciates the role farmers play in sustaining economies. Also, it seems you have a problem with vegetarianism as well! But why? What have my precious nut cutlets ever done to you? Also, I’m a full blooded carnivore, is it too difficult for you to accept that environmentalists can eat meat from time to time?

    • I always love the insignificant minority comment, keep telling yourself that I hope it provides you with some comfort.

      Growing food is not the Agrarian society, it is Agriculture, I suggest you Google Agrarian Society.

      British Politics and the Tory party are largely irrelevant to myself seeing as I no longer live there and even if still did there is not one politician in the UK that would get my vote.

      • Well, in the scientific community you are an insignificant minority, believe it or remain hopeful that your point of view will be validated one day, when its too late. India is still regarded as an agrarian society, over 600 million people’s lives are governed by the activity of farming, a social structuring very different to that of a rapidly urbanizing India, which comes with its own environmental challenges. You attacking the notion of agrarianism and discounting it as archaic is troubling and I don’t think the farming community of any country will particularly like your biased thoughts on agriculture which you are attempting to cover up in semantics. Also, sorry for thinking you’re advocating for the Tory party, didn’t realize its actually your name!! 🙂

  3. nitinsukh just can’t make his mind up, can he (apologies, if nitinsukh is actually a she)? Either “agrarian” is an insult, or it is a description of half the population of India. “Farming” and “agrarianism” are not the same thing. Farming is what farmers do, in India as everywhere else. Agrarianism is what environmentalist ideologues aspire to, although generally not on their own behalf. Agrarianism is turning the clock back, undoing the Industrial Revolution, reverting to a way of life which would be utterly inadequate to sustain the population in any developed country (even the big ones, with lots of land, like the US, Canada and Australia). An agrarian society is not what all those Indians aspire to, either, which is why India is, in nitinsukh’s own phrase, “rapidly urbanizing”.

  4. “Undoing the Industrial Revolution, reverting to a way of life which would be utterly inadequate to sustain the population in any developed country”

    And that is exactly what the Greens (under the Agenda 21 umbrella) want…

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