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EU Needs To Cut Emissions 40% By 2020 To Provide Climate Leadership

EU Commission President  Jose Manual Barroso wants Europe to lead the way in committing economic suicide.

EU Commission President Jose Manual Barroso wants Europe to lead the way in committing economic suicide by 2030.

Different day, same tired old Green propaganda being pushed relentlessly by another unelected European Official, this time EU Commission President Jose Manual Barroso.

Barroso like other EU and Liberal Socialist politicians is still locked into the Green bubble, inconvenient truths like no warming for 16 years, the repetitive failure of UNFCCC cop meetings, the death of the one and only climate treaty, the Kyoto Protocol, the lack of a successor to Kyoto, the lack of populist support for bold climate measures are all ignored as the Green elite repeat their meaningless sound bites of Green drivel.

On this occasion the climate robot had a USB memory stick inserted with the sound bites: 2°C Warming, Green economy, Green jobs, emissions cut, 40%, control the weather (constrain warming) preloaded and then suitably prefixed with approved Greenspeak: Read the rest of this entry

Britain – The Real Cost Of Cameron And Huhne’s Green Policies

Leaked EU report - electricity price rises for next 20 years because of renewables

Yesterday Cameron and Huhne stage managed a summit with the big 6 energy companies as the fall guys for the recent massive increases in the costs of gas and electricity, the increased costs were of course nothing to do with the Green taxes and other carbon taxing lunacy.

Huhne took time off from telling consumers they were lazy in not switching tariffs to say that the cost of Green policies to families was only £20 a year, when most estimates from a range of sources put the real cost at £100 a year minimum.

Business have warned the government of the costs of Green policies again, and again, with the exception of Chancellor George Osborne these pleas from business have fallen on deaf ears.

The future for energy costs and the financial outlook for Britain is grim, and the more wind farms there are the worse it will get: Read the rest of this entry

Guest Post – The RSPB Sells Out To The Enviroloons

Today’s Guest Post is from @AmbushPredator

The planned wind turbine next to Rushall Canal is for the greater good. So, all you bird-lovers who spend millions on donations to the RSPB, how do you feel now?

A leading conservation group has told Walsall residents that a wind turbine proposed to be built near their homes will not harm birds in the area.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has said the planned turbine next to Rushall Canal is for the greater good.

So, all you bird-lovers who spend millions on donations to the RSPB, how do you feel now? Read the rest of this entry

Keystone XL Decision Will Cost Obama The Green Vote

The go ahead for the 1700 mile long pipeline will cost Obama the Green vote

This is one of those rare win win stories, a win because a sensible idea that will help with US energy security for many years to come has been given the green light, and a further win because in making that decision Obama’s regime has angered the Greens and other eco mentalists who are against any form of economic progress that is not written in the scriptures of the Church of Climatology.

Keystone XL is a 1700 mile pipeline that will stretch from Alberta in Canada to refineries in Texas and Oklahoma, the pipeline will be buried 4 feet underground and have switch off points every 20 miles.

As usual the eco mentalists and some key players in the Great Global Warming Scam like James Hansen, are crying out about wolves made of CO2, environmental holocaust, and all the usual things to be frightened of: Read the rest of this entry

Polarbeargate – Charles Monnet Questioned By Special Agents

Al "Bullshit" Gore Prophet of the Church of Climatology

It just keeps getting worse for the Church of Climatology, Climate Pope Visonary and Prophet Al Gore is saying bullshit instead of speaking it as usual, and Polarbeargate just will not go away.

When the Polarebeargate story broke the Obama administration went to great lengths to say that the investigation of Charles Monnet had nothing to do with the junk science of Monnet’s 2006 report on drowning polar bears.

No surprises that the warming alarmists closed ranks again, because special agents from Interior Department’s inspector General’s Office are questioning Monnet and one of his accomplices on their 2006 report on the drowning polar bears: Read the rest of this entry

‘Eco-pirate’ Paul Watson To Face Legal Consequences Of His Actions

The Steve Irwin eco pirate ship impounded in Lerwick

There is a belief in green eco-mentalist circles that NGO’s like Greenpeace and have carte blanche to do any action in support of their Green Marxism ideals, with impunity because in their self appointed way they know so much better than everyone else.

Only last month in Australia Greenpeace activists took it upon themselves to wreck an entire GM crop of wheat for no good reason other than the letters GM were in the crop name.

Now self proclaimed “eco-pirate” Paul Watson has found out the hard way that if you mess with people who are going about their lawful business there is a price to pay: Read the rest of this entry

Vaclav Klaus “The Green Agenda Has Parallels With The Excesses Of Communism”

Vaclav Klaus "Green Agenda has parallels with the excesses Communism"

It is difficult for anyone who did not grow up in Eastern Europe during the Cold War to fully understand how life under a Communist regime was lived, once such man who did is Vaclav Klaus, the President of Czechoslovakia.

Vaclav Klaus sprang into the headlines when he refused to sign the Lisbon Treaty, recognising that the rapidly burgeoning EUSSR was becoming as autocratic as the former Czech communist regime he lived under. As the storm raged about Klaus refusing to sign a German MEP called for Klaus to be impeached for not following the party line of the EUSSR.

Marry the lack of democracy and elections in the EU with the blind adherence to Climate Religion and Klaus is definitely on to something with the Green communists.

This week Vaclav Klaus was in Australia and gave a speech at almost the same time that Commissar Christine Milne, deputy leader of the Greens was planning Stalinist control of the Australian media who do not follow the party line on  Climate Religion: Read the rest of this entry

A New Attempt To Kick Start The Electric Car

Ecotricity announce charging points for electric cars at Motorway Service Stations

The day after it was announced that electric car sales in Britain had stalled, Ecotricity announce the first national charging network for electric cars.

With virtually zero demand, and at most 2,500 battery powered cars on Britain’s roads it would seem a curious business decision, but it is for precisely this reason Ecotricity are going ahead with the idea.

Naturally there will be wind turbines providing the electricty generation which bodes badly for the days when it is too cold, or the wrong type of wind for the bird choppers to turn: Read the rest of this entry

Tony Blair The Paid Global Warming Hoax Promoter

Tony Blair supporting Julia Gillards Climate Religion Tax

Tony Blair, duplicitous socialist slime ball and a man prone to starting the odd war on completely fictitious evidence has naturally found a new career where duplicity, lying and fictitious evidence are a way of life, the Church of Climatology.

The same Tony Blair, who after Climategate wiped out the COP15 Synod in Copenhagen said: “The world must take action on climate change…even if the science is not correct“.

The same Tony Blair who is currently touring the world by first class ticket promoting the Church of Climatology, disregarding the Green advice he promotes that flying cattle class is more eco-friendly than first class: Read the rest of this entry

The Insanity of Carbon Capture And Utilisation

Captured CO2 should be pumped back into the atmosphere as CO2 helps plants grow

Once again the eco-mentalists have excelled themselves with yet another statement of crass stupidity, that is completely at odds with their self appointed mission to remove as much CO2 as possible from our atmosphere.

Once the harmless trace gas, CO2 has been removed and stored under ground at great expense, the CO2 should then be released back into the atmosphere because CO2 helps plants and algae grow.

The benefits of CO2 for plant growth have long been known outside the Church of Climatology: Read the rest of this entry