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BBC Impartiality On Climate Change Compromised Beyond Belief

BBC4 program on Climate Sceptics really just another Church of Climatology program

The BBC4 program Meet The Sceptics was supposed to present the views of people who dont buy into the whole giant mutant star goat going to ravage the planet scenario, instead it was just another propaganda broadcast on behalf of the Church of Climatology.

Lets make this crystal clear before proceeding, the BBC is totally incapable of making any unbiased programs on Anthropogenic Global Warming because their pension fund is heavily invested in Green industries, which leads to an immediate conflict of interest, where the BBC employess are forced to choose between providing unbiased programming we are forced by law to pay for, or a comfortable retirement.

No prizes for guessing who the loser will be.

Meet the Sceptics was really de rigeur warming alarmist fear at it’s comical best, the carefully selected out of context comments from James Delingpole, so brief that if you laughed too long, you missed James Read the rest of this entry


Trade Talks Between EU And Canada Upset Warming Alarmists

Canadian Tar Sands upsetting ecomentalists wanting a stoneage lifestyle

Lets face it takes very little for the warming alarmists to become upset and start launching their toys from the pram, which is kind of amusing as the sheeple of the Church of Climatology have very little to be happy about these days, which means all the rest of should be very happy, as the warming alarmists desire to create Green fascist states come to nothing.

There have been a lot of news items about warming alarmists being able to sue companies and governments for not defending them from their imagined AGW scam, well the boot is on the other foot now, as companies will be able to sue governments for loss revenue, if those governments efforts to pander to warming alarmists have damaged that company’s income.

Toys, even prams have been launched as the Watermelons explode with righteous indignation: Read the rest of this entry

China Pays The Environmental Cost Of Chris Huhne’s Wind Turbines

The lake of toxic waste at Batou from magnet production for Huhne's wind turbines

Obfuscated behind every new fad for the warming alarmists are uncomfortable hidden truths, normally to do with cost, jobs and the environmental impact of their so called Green schemes.

A case in point is the Toyota Prius, flagship eco badge of Green credentials for the likes of Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and other assorted liberal ecomentalists, but behind the Green eco facade, production of battteries for the Prius has proved to be an environmental holocaust for Canada.

Almost daily Atilla the Huhnatic preaches to us from the Church of Climatology about wind turbines, the green jobs lie that accompanies every pronouncement, all the while Huhne plays fast and loose with the energy security of this country.

The latest lie about the clean Green revolution to surface, is the fact that’s clean, green it maybe, but then so is mould, clean its most definitely not, but then that does not matter, does it Huhne?
Because the environmental damage is half a world away, safe behind the wall of silience that only a Communist regime can maintain, thus it does not exist. Read the rest of this entry

Jacqui Smith To Investigate Porn

Jacqui Smith to investigate porn, surely Mr Smith has a better grip and more hands on experience?

Real life is better by a country mile, than fiction as this story shows, disgraced Parliamentary Expenses Trougher and former Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is to investigate pornography for 5 Live.

The Redditch Saddleback had some problems with her expenses, while she was staying in her sisters box room, Mr Smith was home consuming Kleenex by the mile and starching his socks to porn movies, all paid for by the taxpayer.

Smith is to interview film makers and porn stars for the documentary, which could be very entertaining if Smith has to interview any of her husbands favourite salami hiders Read the rest of this entry

Chris Evans Speaks On Global Warming

Chris Evans owns 6 Ferraris says "if you light a fire, your living room warms up, doesn’t it? It’s not rocket science!"

There is an old saying about keeping your mouth shut, and letting everyone think you are a fool, instead of speaking and confirming what everyone thought in the first place.

So called celebrities have an embarrassing habit of developing foot and mouth disease when talking about the Climate Change scam, until now Danny Glover has probably made the most stupid comment yet, when he blamed the Haiti earthquake on Global Warming.

This week Chris Evans and former BBC News Reader Moria Stewart inserted their feet firmly in their mouths on Evans Radio 2 Show broadcast on January 26th for all scientists and their assistants.

Evans has firm a grasp of the AGW scam, likening it to “lighting a fire in your living room“, while Stewart says “they’re very well meaning and giving us findings…“, about the junk science; but it’s all OK because they mean well.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions and all that Read the rest of this entry

Fewer Britions Than Ever Believe In Man Made Climate Change

Heathrow in the recent snow, which earlier closed the airport

The Office for National Statistics carried out a survey in August to see how many Britons still believed in the great Anthropogenic Global Warming scam, and the results are bound to cause more distress to the warming alarmists.

An earlier poll for EDF energy in May 2010 was equally depressing for the Church of Climatology, only 62% of Britons are faintly interested in Climate Change.

The ONS poll shows that the number of Climate Realists has doubled in 4 years Read the rest of this entry

About Those Glaciers, What They Are Not Shrinking?

The Climate of Fear was wrong, the Himalayan Glaciers are advancing

The deeply flawed junk science report from the IPCC in 2007 predicted doom and gloom, gave rise to what became known as Glaciergate and has been proved wrong again by a new study that shows that the Himalayan glaciers are getting bigger, not smaller.

Meanwhile in Greenland, the Guardian are doing a lack lustre attempt at damage control, as previous fear texts from the Church of Climatology predicted the Greenland ice sheet slipping in to the sea Read the rest of this entry

Ken Quits As Nat West Freezes Press TV’s Bank Accounts

Ken claims he was always going to stop in March

The fallout from Ken’s incredible lack of political judgement continues with Ken now announcing that he was always going to step down from Press TV in March, about the same time that Air Traffic Control at Heathrow reports a squadron of of low flying pigs on the radar.

Did Ken voluntarily give up his lucrative job for Press TV, or was Ken becoming so politically toxic that the Labour Party Hierarchy were forced to tell him to quit?

Now Nat West has frozen Press TV’s main bank account and will shortly close it.

Recent convert to Islam, Lauren Booth, sister of Cherie Balir described the move as “punitive, draconian theft”, but she like Ken Livingstone is also on the payroll of Press TV Read the rest of this entry

The Secret And Dirty Life Of The Wind Turbine – Comments Chris Huhne?

A common problem for bird choppers as no gear oil exists that can cope with the pressures in the transmissions

The evidence continues to stack about the unsuitability of wind power to provide both affordable, and secure energy for Britain, evidence that Attila the Huhnatic continues to ignore.

The Dutch are moving rapidly away from wind power, while Chris Huhne continues like a racing lemming to be first over the cliff with our energy security.

More of the real truths about wind turbines are becoming known on an almost daily basis Read the rest of this entry

Nancy Pelosi’s “Green The Capitol” Fail

Pelosi's "Green the Capitol" failure, being cut by Republicans

Nancy Pelosi, Obama’s favoured harpie, was one of the casualties of massive Democrat defeat in the US mid term elections in November 2010.

Pelosi was Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, but following America’s verdict on Obama is now the Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives; Pelosi is a fully paid up member of the Church of Climatology.

At height of her power Pelosi introduced a “Green the Capitol” scheme involving composting of garbage, bringing low flow toilets and organic food into the Capitol Complex.

An investigation has shown that the composting program is actually consuming more energy than it saves Read the rest of this entry