Communicating Climate Change Without The Scary Green Monsters (Oxymoron)

Big Green is wondering again if the stories of scary Green monsters are really working with the public in the developed world. They wondered this before, but there problem is their political agenda is founded on fear.

Big Green is wondering again if the stories of scary Green monsters are really working with the public in the developed world. They have wondered this before, but the problem is their political agenda is founded on fear.

If you cry wolf as the fable goes people listen, if however, you keep crying wolf and the wolf never turns up and eats the sheep then eventually people cease to listen.

Here is the crux of the problem facing the Green propaganda machine, not one of their Green Armageddon scenarios has ever come pass, the Arctic was going to ice free by 2012, when that failed happen the date changed to 2020 and then moved on to 2058.

Our children would not know what snow was, there were 50 days to save the world which eventually evolved into 120 months to save the world.

It was Climategate that did the damage to the Green Dream, and in the years since then, the fear stories have been ramped up, where  every extreme weather event is immediately linked to Anthropogenic Global Warming, by the new Green science of attribution.

Attribution is a simple science that most people can comprehend, it goes like this everything that has ever happened, or will happen in the future is caused by man made climate change.

In reality it is the science of predictive fear, underlined by the hope a major natural disaster will occur, and that the Greens can profit from the ensuing human misery.  Puts a whole new slant on “I told you so.”

The Greens have visited the doubts about the fear meme before, back in December 2013 the Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN) based in Oxford, England concluded that the public were suffering from fatigue of climate fear stories.

In September 2014 UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon is holding a Climate Summit in New York for world leaders to try and prop up the UN backed AGW boondoggle, PR company Havas have been retained to promote Ban ki-moon’s summit.

It’s a question exercising Pete Bowyer, who heads up the climate arm of PR firm Havas, charged with promoting UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon’s climate summit.

“They say all politics is local – but all communications is local – and that’s particularly true of climate change,” he tells RTCC.

“I think people respond better to the impacts they see and feel on the ground, as opposed to abstract theories of theses. We can say it’s 95% certain it’s man-made, but that doesn’t really mean anything to people.”

Bowyer was once the previous UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s spokesman on Climate Justice, so Bowyer has the seen rise and continued fall of the AGW scam firsthand.

A one-time spokesperson for former UN secretary general Kofi Annan on climate justice, Bowyer is now kept busy providing strategic communications to clients who want to see a global emissions reduction deal signed in Paris next December.

What has helped, he says, is the publication of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) three recent reports, which examined the physical science, global vulnerabilities and possible solutions to climate change.

Bowyer believes the IPCC’s dire warnings – and attempts to chart a cleaner energy future – have raised the political focus.

The Green problem of fear surfaces again, this is supposed to be a story about getting rid of the scary Green monsters, instead we are treated to more dire warnings from the IPCC and its Green NGO contributors.

“There is a political momentum which has evolved over the past 18 months, and I think IPCC has been part of that process, so there is a sense that something does need to be done,” he says.

“Given the failure of Copenhagen, which has taken us six years to get back on track… we need – the community as a whole – to see it as an opportunity to do something about it.”

That would be true had the global political landscape remained the same as it was in 2009, the fall of the socialist regime of Julia Gillard in Australia and that of Gordon Brown in Britain, the death of Hugo Chavez, all champions of Agenda 21 now gone from the world stage.

So as the Climate Scam is back on track world leaders must queuing up for Ban ki-moon’s climate summit.

Well no actually, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wont be going, neither will German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Tony Abbot from Australia and Stephen Harper from Canada are likely no shows, as is British Prime Minister David Cameron, then there is Vladamir Putin not much hope there.

Privately, people close to the preparations admit they are still unclear about what the summit can really achieve. Most of the efforts so far have focused on getting leaders to turn up.

This story is really bad news for the Green Dream, what it really shows is that AGW scam was set back 6 years by Climategate and the best efforts by the UN Secretary General to keep the UN driven climate lie alive are failing.

The plan is to replace one set of lies about impending Green Armageddon, with another set of old lies, Green policies create jobs and wealth.

The Green jobs lie was disproved by a House of Representatives report in September 2011 that concluded after a global study that: “there was no such thing as lasting Green jobs

So the plan for Big Green is to replace lies drenched in fear, with lies gilded with wealth and jobs and when this fails, inevitably another set of lies will be dusted off and recycled.


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  1. Meanwhile, the length of the “pause” approaches 18 years – actually, according to RSS 26 years of no stat sig warming – and these buffoons are getting desperate.

    You can smell the fear from here!

  2. “Most of the efforts so far have focused on getting leaders to turn up.”


    Reading stuff like this gives hope that there really IS hope for us common Western folks still, doesn’t it?

  3. Hee hee, quite so. With all the tragedy of aircraft being shot down, missing, etc., people’s attention is turning again to terrorism, not poxey climate change fears. Now its that volcano
    in Iceland rumbling away. I wonder when the water melons will start blaming that on climate change? LOL.

  4. The Church of AGW, is losing patrons by the dozen and funds too.

  5. Bushbunny, if you watch closely the BBC will explain how the demon carbon dioxide will cause volcanos in Iceland to erupt. Just recently I watched two BBC docos and both blamed vulcanism and the subsequent events on carbon dioxide. Can’t wait until the BBC discovers the even deadlier hydrogen monoxide.

  6. Must be joking, eh? The Magna under that volcano, has tremendous force, and if the ice plugging it up at present, it’s like a pressure cooker. Anyway I hope it settles for people’s sake. I don’t think there are many living near by are there?

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