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IPCC – “Sandy Was Not Caused By Anthropogenic Global Warming”

World wide storm activity is decreasing not increasing

If there is one thing the Greens and the warming alarmists really get their rocks off on, it is a natural disaster or weather event.

The bigger the loss of life and damage the happier the warmists are, making Green political capital out of people’s suffering is all in a day’s work¬† for the average Green warming alarmist.

In Green La La land everything is attributable to Anthropogenic Global Warming, or increasing levels of atmospheric CO2, or both.

As the list of Green environmental Armageddon non-events has continued to grow, so the increasingly desperate warming alarmist have turned to event attribution as the way to keep their scam alive, despite warmist scientists saying that event attribution is dangerous and scientifically unsound.

Tropical Storm Sandy was always going to be grabbed by the watermelons as still more proof of their irrational fear of CO2: Read the rest of this entry


24 Hours Of Al Gores’s Reality: The Dirty Weather Report

Al Gore is back, not satisfied with last years cringe makingly awful Climate Reality project, Gore is back for a second dose of false facts and an orgy of event attribution.

Al Gore’s 24 hours of Climate Reality last November, embarrassed even the Green propagandists who continued the trend of backing away from, and then ignoring Gore.

The central theme of the Climate Reality project was event attribution, in this case attributing any extreme weather event to man made climate change, because prior to 1700 and the industrialisation of Europe the weather had for centuries always been gentle and balmy, there were no heatwaves or floods, the Middle Age warming period and the Little Ice Age that followed simply never happened, well in Gore and the warming alarmists world that is. Read the rest of this entry

Al Gore – This Is What The Climate Crisis Looks Like

Al Gore has been largely ignored and shunned by the Church of Climatology, since the embarrassment of Al’s Climate Reality project last year.

The whole 24 hours of the Climate Reality project was so crass, so embarrassingly bad that even the ecomentalist hacks at the Guardian could find nothing positive to say about Al and his gaggle of champagne celebrities and junk scientists.

Now the Goreacle has broken his silence to pontificate about how absolutely every weather event is proof of his religious teachings: Read the rest of this entry

Paleoclimatologist – Al Gore And James Hansen Are Just Plain Wrong

Professor Ian Clark "CO2 emissions lag the climate by 800 years."

Professor Ian Clark works at the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Ottawa where he specialises in paleoclimatology, the study of climate during the entire history of our planet, as well as isotope hydrology. Isotope hydrology determines the age of ice and snow which provides information about climate in the past.

In December 2011 Professor Clark testified before the US Senate Standing Committee on Energy, The Environment, and Natural Resources where Clark expalined that the planet was coming out of a 400 year cold period. Read the rest of this entry

Polarbeargate – It’s Lie Detector Time

Polarbeargate just another childs fear tale from the Church of Climatology

The first decade of the 21st Century was a heady time for climate scientists the new false prophets of the left leaning liberals, who took Anthropogenic Global Warming to their hearts, it was all Homo sapiens fault, which dovetailed nicely with the global liberal belief in original guilt, which is much like the christian concept of original sin.

There is always something to apologise for or feel guilty about.

As the science became not only settled, but also politically correct, so the amount of money on offer to support the man made Climate Change theory increased, all political systems need a bogeyman, the USSR bogeyman had finally come apart as Marxism ultimately does not work, so a new something to be feared was needed, enter the CO2 Wolf. Read the rest of this entry

IPCC Lead Author – Al Gore Is Doing A Disservice To Science

Al Gore's Climate Reality Project is a disservice to science

Al Gore’s 24 hours of Reality Goregasm was not the success Gore had hoped for.

Mocked by Climate Skeptics for the junk science and the linking of everything that has ever happened to man made climate change, and greeted with despair by warming alarmists for exactly the same reasons as the skeptics, Gore claims 8.6 millions hits on the Climate Reality web site, but there are significant doubts due to the inconvenient truth of the real hit rate on the site.

Gore is rapidly becoming an serious embarrassment to the warming alarmist industry Read the rest of this entry

Climate Reality Project – Al Gore The Tobacco Hypocrite

Anyone who tuned into Al Gore’s Goregasm yesterday could have been forgiven for thinking it was an anti-smoking campaign, not an attempt to keep the pews full at the Church of Climatology.

Questioning the use of tobacco to promote fear of man made climate change, Aardvark was soon informed as to the validity of the analogy, or not.

An excerpt from the Press Room of the Climate Reality Project states:

This campaign comes at a critical time. As the impacts of climate change are growing more prevalent, so is the resistance to finding the truth and implementing solutions. Just like the tobacco companies that spent decades in denial that smoking causes cancer, oil and coal companies are determined to sow denial and confusion about the science of climate change, ignore its impacts, and create apathy among our leaders

Al Gore is very informed about the tobacco industry, he should be,  he and his family were involved in the tobacco industry for many years: Read the rest of this entry

Goregasm – The Guardian Breaks It’s Silence

Guardian: I logged to climatereality and, I have to say, my heart immediately sank

Al Gore’s 24 hours of Climate Reality Goregasm has largely been ignored by the main stream media in the UK, US, Australia and Germany where none of the usual suspects for pushing warming alarmist propaganda have sprung to support Gore.

Checking @climatereality timeline on Twitter shows it full of spam bot tweets from the people who have allowed Gore to Tweet from their accounts, apart from the bot Tweets they are very few real people Tweeting. The top Tweet, by Greenpeace has been retweeted just 66 times.

The Guardian have been unusually quiet on the Climate Messiah’s “reality“: Read the rest of this entry

Goregasm – Al Gore’s Rant

Al Gore’s recent bovine fecal matter rant set to music by the guys that produced the Hide The Decline video.

Hat Tip Minnesotans For Global Warming

Goregasm – Attack Of The Giant Red Crabs

Attack of the giant red crabs spells doom for our planet

24 time zones, 24 hours of multiple Goregasms coupled with COP17 in just 10 weeks so expect some increasingly silly Climate of Fear stories.

The most recent bizarre story was alien invasion because of our increasing CO2 emissions, now the planet is doomed because Paralithodes camtschaticus are moving south towards the edge of the Antarctic shelf.

The giant red crabs are allegedly “creepy” and are colonising the ocean floor in a scary alien fashion: Read the rest of this entry