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Climategate 2.0 Phil Jones Uses Same Computer Model For Weather And Climate

Phil Jones uses same computer model for weather and climate

Climategate 2.0 is proving to be more damaging than Climategate despite the usual suspects playing down the importance of Climategate 2.0 and trying the usual “nothing to see here” and saying the real crime is the hacking of UEA’s mail servers, which in no way detracts from the content and importance of the emails.

Despite what the warming alarmists would have us believe, when it suits their argument, weather and climate are not the same things, so it is hardly surprising to find out that junk scientist Phil Jones uses the same computer model for both as email 1840 clearly shows: Read the rest of this entry


Climategate Fallout Hits University Of East Anglia

Phil Jones and UEA ordered to hand over their temperature records

Phil Jones and the University of East Anglia have been ordered by the information commissioner to handover 4000 temperature records collected jointly with the UK Met Office, previously Jones and UEA had been more than obstructive with Freedom of Information requests.

UEA held a whitewash inquiry with a pre-determined outcome, though the inquiry did tell Jones he was a naughty boy for not answering those FoI’s.

The ruling by information commissioner, Christopher Graham is a landmark in the fight to get at truth behind the great Climate Change scam and best of all, this ruling puts Phil Jones back in the frame.

In the US, UEA’s co-conspirator the University of Virgina has been ordered to hand over Michael Mann’s climate change data under an FoI.

Curious the way both universities have strenuously resisted all FoI requests, a cynic would think they had something to hide: Read the rest of this entry

IPCC And WMO – The Clowns Have Taken Over The Circus

Home of the Enviornmental Circus

Environclowns masquerading as Climate Scientists has to be one of the very best blogs posts Aardvark has ever read, that lifts the lid on the IPCC and WMO, and reveals who these Climate Scientists really are.

I find it interesting that Dr. Noorian is from a country recognized as a terrorist state by most countries in the world that is facing growing sanctions by the UN, yet the world body is supposed to believe everything he says and adhere to his recommendations regarding climate change.

The whole article is reprinted in full, H/T Tony Elliot at TheCyPressTimes Read the rest of this entry

2010 The Decline Of The Global Warming Scam Part 1 January

Actually bears it was James Hansen, Al just made millions out of the scam

2010 has not been a good year for the warming alarmists, wealth redistributors and one world governmentalists aka, the UN and the EU.

Just COP15 at Copenhagen, COP16 achieved nothing and barely registered on the MSM radar, until it finished.

It is January 2010, the northern hemisphere is buried under a blanket of snow, COP15 is a smoking wreck and the warming alarmists are desperately trying to regroup: Read the rest of this entry

Climategate 1 Year On Phil Jones Speaks

Phil Jones a year on from Climategate Is On The Offensive

H/T Jo Nova for the Phil Jones artwork.

Phil Jones now safely off of suicide watch has slithered out from underneath his stone, and Jones in both unrepentant and in fighting mood.

Jones probably believes he is off the hook after the white wash inquiry that deliberatly did not ask the right questions, but the inquiry did tell Phil he was a naughty boy to play mischevious japes on those nasty people submitting Freedom Of Information requests, by not answering them. Read the rest of this entry

A New Paper From Phil Jones On Ocean Cooling

Arctic sea ice, last year this picture would have shown warming now it shows cooling

The attempt to rehabilitate Phil Jones at the University of East Anglia, following on from Climategate, his deleting data and ignoring FoI requests is picking up speed.

A carefully constructed and acted out inquiry with a pre-ordained outcome white washed Jones of any wrong doing, though he was a bit of a naughty boy for deleting data but Jones did it for noble reasons, so it was all OK really. Read the rest of this entry

University Of East Anglia Inquiry Was A Whitewash

Phil Jones can usually be found lying or destroying data to hide his lies

There is always something unhealthy about an organsiation investigating itself which is why the investigations into the goings on of Phil Jones at the Climate Research Unit were carried out by like minded people not from the CRU, who made a point of not asking the right questions.

The result of the inquiry was never in doubt, everyone was exhonerated though Phil was a bit of a bad boy for destroying data and ignoring those pesky FoI requests.

Across the Atlantic the same whitewash Read the rest of this entry

Church Of Climatology In Terminal Decline And The IPCC Is A Disgrace To Science

The Sex Poodle now preaches to empty pews

Al Gore’s recent decision to withdraw and lick his wounds for 2010 looks like he might actually have been right, at last.

Aardvark recently blogged that ManBearPig was a net vote loser in Germany due to lack of belief in the religious scriptures of Michael Mann and Phil Jones as preached by Al Gore. Germany is not the only country where ManbearPig believers attract the same ridicule as window lickers ; Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – The Hoax Of The Century

Anthropogenic Global Warming is the hoax of the century, where science has been corrupted for personal and institutional gain, perverted by the politics of one world government and wealth redistribution and garnished with a unhealthy dose of fear and guilt.

Al Gore and his disciples at the Church of Climatology are not the first to try and pull a fast one, though nobody has ever tried to pull a scam on such a vast scale as Climate Change before, $45 trillion is after all a lot of money.

With publication of “On the Origin of Species” in 1859, the hunt was on for the “missing link.” Fame and fortune awaited the scientist who found the link proving Darwin right: that man evolved from a monkey.

In 1912, success! In a gravel pit near Piltdown in East Sussex, there was found the cranium of a man with the jaw of an ape.

“Darwin Theory Proved True,” ran the banner headline. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Phil Jones At The Commons Science and Technology Committee

Discredited former head of the CRU Phil Jones was giving evidence at the Commons Science and Technology Committee yesterday, also giving evidence were representatives of the Institute of Physics who are none to happy with the Climategate goings on at the CRU.

The Institute of Physics has this to say: ‘Unless the disclosed emails are proved to be forgeries or adaptations, worrying implications arise for the integrity of scientific research and for the credibility of the scientific method” Read the rest of this entry