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Cutting CO2 Emissions Will Not Reduce Global Temperatures For Thousands of Years

Memo To Stupid Billionaires: "Cutting CO2 Emissions Will Not Reduce Global Temperatures For Thousands of Years"

Hat Tip to nightshadel one of this blogs subscribers for this story from C3 Headlines entitled “Memo To Stupid Billionaires: “Cutting CO2 Emissions Will Not Reduce Global Temperatures For Thousands of Years”.

This is one of those rare posts that are so good they should just be quoted, as really this says it all.

Read here. The title for this post is paraphrasing what Tim Flannery of Australia recently said (read linked article). Flannery is the new “climate commissioner” of Australia and a long-time, major hysterical, global warming alarmist. His idea of economic and energy sanity for the “green” CO2-free world is to cut CO2 emissions drastically, making reliable and efficient fossil fuel energy available only to the wealthy, thus impoverishing billions today in order to save the world for our…..well……..some billionaire’s child born thousands of years from now.

This “green” stupidity of the world’s elite bureaucrats, such as Flannery, is simply stunning. And, unfortunately, people with similar Flannery beliefs exist in positions of bureaucratic power worldwide. Their CO2-mania stupidity is being pushed constantly, yet it is well known within their bureaucratic circles (as the Flannery quote reveals) that cutting CO2 emissions is a worthless and wasteful exercise – hey, even Obama’s EPA has stated such!

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People Are Just Bored Of The Global Warming Scam

People are just bored of the ecomentalists

The scary stories of environmental holocaust caused by an inert gas essential to life and belief in the Church of Climatology have dropped off the public’s radar if the indicators of poll results, lack of media coverage, governments extricating themselves from green eco financial suicide pacts and policy makers in most countries dropping the so called Global Warming agenda. The notable exception being Julia Gillard in Australia breaking an election pledge not to introduce a Cap n Trade bill, who is now under attack from all sides as Gillard battles to destroy Australia to save just 0.01% of global CO2 emissions.

The problem for the warming alarmists is the science was too settled and they cried wolf one time too many: Read the rest of this entry

George Moonbat – “Budget 2011 A Disaster For The Environment”

George Monbiot ": The "greenest government ever" should be discouraging oil consumption down, not making it cheaper to drive. "

George Monbiot really is the gift that keeps on giving, Aardvark was considering with little enthusiasm a blog on the budget from the Vichy Government when along came George and how the budget was a disaster for environment, saved by the Moonbat, thanks George.

Moonbat is deeply unhappy because the cost of personal and business transport is falling, the Green Investment Gesture Embarassment Bank isn’t going to waste billions of tax payers money until 2015 and houses are going to be built: Read the rest of this entry

Climate Religion – In The Begining There Was Agenda 21

We should consider new taxes, user chargers, emission permits, citizen funding all based on the polluter-pays principle. so said 1992 Rio Earth Summit, Conference Secretary-General Maurice Strong at the closing of the summit.

Agenda 21 is the United Nations plan for the 21st Century where among its 40 chapters nature is deemed to be above mankind, the concept of guilty until proven innocent will prevail, and the establishment of a one world government with a socialist agenda for every aspect of our lives by the use of the standard socialist control mechanisms.

Agenda 21 eventually grew in to the Climate Religion of Al Gore and the settled science of Barack Obama, nearly 20 years on the closing statement makes interesting reading: Read the rest of this entry

Environmentalist Quotes Show Their Mindset

A picture that really needs no caption, in a definite case of 1000 word painting this picture says it all about the mindset of the Environmentalist.

2010 saw eco terrorism surface in a deadly way when James Lee walked into the Discovery Channel offices demanding that the Discovery Channel change its programming to an 11 point Green manifesto that Lee had published on the Internet.

Earth First! and were not slow to promote eco terrorism either, with their calls for direct action to fight the Climate Change scam.

Never ones to miss the emotive sound byte opportunity, the content of their quotes provides no doubt as to the fanatical mindset of these people: Read the rest of this entry

Google – To Try And Breathe New Life In To The Climate Change Scam

"If you tell a big enough lie often enough, people will eventually believe it" the philanthropic part of the search of search engine giant is to “improve the way that global warming science” is presented to the public and is assembling a team of 21 “climate scientists” to achieve just this objective.

Following the results in US mid-term elections and the subsequent change in the balance of power in the House of Representatives the  warming alarmists have been under attack by the Republicans who are out for blood and more specifically, heads on poles.

With his Cap n’ Trade bill dead Obama was trying to use the EPA to force Cap n’ Trade by the back door, which has resulted in an increasing number of  law suits against the EPA

There is a definite connection between Obama and Google that was seen from Obama’s first post election press conference where Google CEO Eric Schmidt was at Obama’s side.

As Cap n’ Trade died and post November 2010 the balance of power shifted, Obama has resorted to using the tried and trusted methods of the left to ignore the democratic process, use stealth and the back door to achieve your objectives. With the EPA increasingly under attack and losing the battle to kill US industry, the next logical step is for Obama to use his friends at Google to try and brain wash the world with the Climate Religion based on junk science.

Google has a shockingly bad record for censoring information that goes against the Global Warming scam sacred texts as was seen during Climategate Read the rest of this entry

Wind Energy Has Killed More Americans Than Nuclear

Wind farms are more dangerous than nuclear power plants

The damage done to the nuclear power stations in Japan by the Tsunami, has given every gong banging moon barking Green Libtard the opportunity to bray endlessly about nuclear holocaust scenarios and how nuclear power is finished, and the only answer lies in those globally hated symbols of the Church of Climatology, the wind turbine.

In the United States, since 1970 accidents on wind farms have killed 35 people, in the same time period no one was killed in a nuclear accident.

Wind farms provide America with just 0.7% of it’s energy needs: Read the rest of this entry

Green Hysteria – Calling Time On The Nuclear Age

How the Church of Climatology wants you to see nuclear power

The tragedy in Japan and the subsequent problems with the 1960’s designed PWR’s has got Mother Green and her hysteria machine in full swing, about the dangers of any form of nuclear power and  what better way to illustrate the point than using Hiroshima as an example of the dangers of nuclear power.

Tenuous connection at best, but it does make the case for pushing wind power and renewables as the only viable way forward: Read the rest of this entry

Royal Wootton Bassett

A funeral cortege of our war dead in Wootton Bassett

A small market town in Wiltshire has earned a special place in the hearts of many in Britain, Wootton Bassett as a community turns out whatever the weather to line the roads as the hearses carrying the coffins our war dead are driven to Oxford, not only in Wootton Bassett but all along the road small parties of ex-servicemen and women and people who just want to show solidarity and support with the families who have lost so much, line the route.

Now Wotton Bassett is to become Royal Wotton Bassett: Read the rest of this entry

Wind Power – Another Assault On Scotlands Heritage

The symbols of Climate Religion besmirching landscapes across Scotland

Another wind turbine project in Scotland is under fire, this time near a historic stone circle in Aberdeenshire.

This stone circle is one of the oldest of its kind and is a scheduled monument, which should mean it is a protected site of national importance…. Read the rest of this entry