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I Love The Smell Of Green Apocalypse In The Morning

I love the smell of Green Apocalypse in the morning, it smells like subsidy

I love the smell of Green Apocalypse in the morning, it smells like subsidy

The Green regression to 2008 continues, by winding back the clock they possibly hope to continue business as usual with a CO2 fearing world hanging on their every word,  how it used to be, before Climategate and COP15 Copenhagen delivered the mortal blow to the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam.

In those heady days of 2008, climate fear stories were relentlessly churned out, and faithfully reported by a Liberal biased MSM that could not wait to print stories about the coming environmental Apocalypse, the same stories that are now coming back to haunt the Green propagandists and their publicity machines.

All the fear stories had a theme, apart from fear that is. sinking Pacific islands, sea level rising several gazillion feet, wall to wall dead Polar Bears, mass species extinction and the list of things that our children would not know spanned everything from snow to Madagascan fruit bats.

As the man-made climate change scam has continued its lingering death and global fear of CO2 has hit a 20 year low, so the warming alarmists have returned to the old formula of Green environmental holocaust to try breathe new life into their political agenda. Read the rest of this entry


Tony Blair And Gordon Brown Are The Root Cause Of Ever Increasing Energy Bills

The cause of your ever rising energy bills, all so Blair could play the Great I Am on the world stage

Labour’s legacy to Britain has been horrendous, incredible debt from a deliberate scorched earth policy of profligate spending, unfettered immigration to force the disaster that is multiculturalism on Britain and the deliberate destruction of pension schemes to name but three.

The latest sting in the tail to float up from the bottom of the Labour Socialist cesspool is the ever increasing cost of energy,  all brought about so Tony Blair after having his illegal war in Iraq could continue to play the “Great I Am” on the world stage. Read the rest of this entry

Gadaffi Fall – Saif al-Islam And The European Environmentalists

Green Mountain Conservation and Development Authority set up by Saif al-Islam to deceive european environmentalists

Saif al-Islam now wanted for war crimes, was the acceptable face of the Gadaffi regime regarded more as an international playboy than the son of a despotic psychopath, Saif was welcome everywhere he went by people such as Lord Peter Mandelson who was then a Labour Cabinet Minister, Labour peer Lord Nathaniel Rothschild; Saif claims that former Prime Minister Tony Blair is a personal friend.

The whole acceptable face of the tyrant was one giant con that sucked many people into it, there are more than few public figures who are going to have some explaining to do in the near future.

At the time Saif conceived the idea of the Green Mountain Conservation and Development Authority Climate Religion and hysteria were at their peak, and Saif knew how easy it would be to con the ecomentalists desperate to appease the giant CO2 wolf that Al Gore had terrified them with: Read the rest of this entry

David Cameron Warming Alarmist And Heir To Blair

Cameron supporting Gillard's Carbon Tax like his hero Tony Blair

David Cameron in his own words “I am the heir to Blair” and never was a more true word spoken, just like Tony Blair the paid Global Warming Hoax promoter.

Tony Blair said at Copenhagen COP!5 “The world must take action on climate change…even if the science is not correct“, which is an astounding statement in its own right.

David Cameron and Julia Gillard share something else apart from Climate Religion they are both leaders of unpopular Coalition Governments where Greens and Liberals wield undue power: Read the rest of this entry

Tony Blair The Paid Global Warming Hoax Promoter

Tony Blair supporting Julia Gillards Climate Religion Tax

Tony Blair, duplicitous socialist slime ball and a man prone to starting the odd war on completely fictitious evidence has naturally found a new career where duplicity, lying and fictitious evidence are a way of life, the Church of Climatology.

The same Tony Blair, who after Climategate wiped out the COP15 Synod in Copenhagen said: “The world must take action on climate change…even if the science is not correct“.

The same Tony Blair who is currently touring the world by first class ticket promoting the Church of Climatology, disregarding the Green advice he promotes that flying cattle class is more eco-friendly than first class: Read the rest of this entry

Tony Blair May Cancel Book Signing

Despite allegedly record sales of his book “The Journey”, Tony Blair is not having a smooth ride at book signings as he found out in Dublin yesterday.

Various projectiles including shoes and eggs were thrown at the orange war criminal one protestor even tried to make a citizens arrest on Blair for war crimes. Read the rest of this entry

Tony Blair Knew Gordon Brown Would Be A Disaster

So Tony Blair knew that Gordon Brown was going to be a disaster, or so Blair claims in his book, The Journey published today.

All the major broadsheets are covering the book, which has comfortably beaten whatever crap Gordon Brown is going publish later this year and thus will be taken by future historians as the definitive account of the disaster sometimes known as the New Labour Experiment.

Hat tip to Blair for taking a bankrupt ideology and hoodwinking the electorate by prefixing Labour with New, still if people are dumb enough to believe that a leopard can change it spots then everyone who voted Labour should also be blamed for the state the country is now in.

With such a choice of reviews of Blair’s book Aardvark has gone for the Guardian coverage to see what left of centre quasi intellectuals think of the The Journey Read the rest of this entry

Tony Blair To Reignite War With Gordon Brown

Blair to blame Brown for losing the General Election

The Labour Party is preparing for the Blair Brown war to restart with the publication of the orange war criminals book on Wednesday which no one should buy, instead donate the entire cover price to the British Legion.

The major reason for Blairs book is for his justification for his illegal war with Iraq, but also included will be Blairs judgement on Gordon Brown’s handling of the economic crisis and the General Election.

BBC2 will be showing Blair’s first major TV interview since he left Downing Street Read the rest of this entry

George Bush And Tony Blair Plotted To Stop Gordon Brown Becoming PM

Bush told Blair US cannot work with Gordon Brown

Tony Blair knew it, most of the Labour party and their advisers knew it, even George W Bush knew it: Gordon Brown was not fit for purpose as Chancellor or Prime Minister.

None the less Brown eventually became Prime Minister, no one in Labour had the balls to stand up to him and they were happy to let Brown ruin country while Ed Balls and Milibland brother stayed in power, these are the same spineless tossers that want to lead the Labtard pary.

Whichever one of these pointless fuckwits wins, it is worth remembering that if they could not stand up to a bully like Gordon Brown then what sort of a leader for Britain will they make?

George W Bush has been portrayed as a mindless chimp in the media here, well for the record George W could see from the White House that Brown was going to be a disaster Read the rest of this entry

The Books Labour Ministers Should Have Written

Read the rest of this entry