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Lib Dem Support Plummets To 8%; Go On Dave Call A General Election

Little Nicky Clegg as popular as fart in a spacesuit, and about as useful

August 18th 2010 will mark the 100th day of the coalition government and to celebrate this wonderous event Sky News have commissioned a poll which makes grim reading for Little Nicky, St Vince of Fable and the Wind God Chris Huhne.

If there were to be a General Election tomorrow then St Vince and the Wind God would be signing on the day afterwards.

A poll on June 28th had the Lib Dems on 16%, in less than 2 months the Lib Dem support has fallen 50% Read the rest of this entry

Labour Pressure Builds On Gordon Brown To Go

Pressure is building from the Labour Party for Brown to step down as PM and party leader.

As Tory and Liberal Democrat negotiators worked “flat out” towards a power-sharing deal that would put David Cameron in Downing Street, Mr Brown was holed up in No 10 with his closest advisers — Ed Balls, Alastair Campbell and Lord Mandelson. Read the rest of this entry

Poll 62% Of The Voters Want Gordon Brown Gone Now

"You might have voted, but I know better"

The man who has assiduously avoided elections all his political life has finally had to face the judgement of others, and been rejected.

This of course makes no difference to Gordon Brown who is trying to do deals and keep himself as PM in direct opposition to the majority of voters, who voted decisively against Labour.

A Sunday Times/YouGov poll taken on Friday and Saturday shows that 62% of voters want Brown out of No 10, yesterday: Read the rest of this entry

Labour MP Calls On Gordon Brown To Resign As PM

* * * Breaking News * * *

Labour MP John Mann has called on Gordon Brown to resign as Prime Minister.

Gordon Brown Stuck Like A Limpet In No 10

The hung parliament is not the result that many people hoped for, Aardvark included.

The Conservatives won the most seats and polled the most votes in a decisive rejection of Gordon Brown and his substance, so why is Brown still in No 10 trying to strike a deal with the Lib Dems after such a decisive rejection of all that Brown stands for.

Cameron and Clegg are talking about responsible government for the country, Brown is talking about staying in power no mention of responsible government, just Gordon and Sarah living happily ever after at 10 Downing Street.

There is something faintly childish, while being both grubby and pathetic at the same time, when a man who assumed power by being crowned Leader of the Labour Party and thus avoiding a vote is finally forced to submit to the democratic process, loses and still refuses to go claiming he can still form a government.

In the words of Oliver Cromwell “”You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.””

Undecided Voters How Many Have Still To Make A Choice

There is still much talk about undecided voters on TV, so what happened on this blog last night is interesting.

Aardvark normally checks the blog about midnight and looks at stats for hits and where the blog’s readers come from.

From 10pm last night there was a large increase in traffic and it was for the older posts that people were looking at.

MP’s expenses, Jacqui Smith, Hazel Blears, Baroness Scotland and blogs about Labour’s complicity in the great Climate Change scam are the most popular, and even just after 4pm the trend continues.

Is it undecided voters or as Ollie Cromwell remarked last night people looking to place bets on the next Labour Party Leader?

Labour Desperate To The Very End

The Politics Of Desperation

A final desperate stunt from Labour as they disrupt voting in David Cameron’s constituency with a roof top protest, voting had to be stopped while they were cleared from the roof.

The numpty on the right is the same moron that disrupted Newsnight’s broadcast from Whitney last night.

What an advert for Labour they are.

Blackadder On Vote Rigging As Used By Labour

The irony of Labour Luvvie Tony Robinson being the brainless idiot they have selected is too good, shame socialists dont do irony.

The Odds Of A Referendum On Lisbon With David Cameron

More news on yesterday’s post that David Cameron could offer the referendum that Labour promised and then failed to deliver.

The latest news is on the possibility of a Referendum is really encouraging:

First, it appears that this section of the Treaty is simply not subject to passerelle.

Second, even if it was, passerelle requires the unanimous agreement of every member state – and every state has the right to demand an InterGovernmental Conference and ratification instead. Britain would have a veto, and it would be in total conflict with David Cameron’s new EU policy for a Cameron Government not to use it.

Third, even if this area was subject to passerelle, and even if the British Government failed to use the veto and demand an IGC, Spain has already demanded one. Furthermore, the European Parliament looks set to vote in Spain’s support on Thursday, and the European Commission is in agreement too.

Beyond those technical, Brussels-derived arguments, there is also a compelling bit of evidence from an unlikely source here in Britain.
I spoke last night to Bruno Waterfield, the Brussels Correspondent for the Telegraph. He confirmed to me that he had checked the story with no less an authority than the Foreign Office, who had confirmed the need for Parliamentary approval of the new Treaty.
Full story here

Neither Brown nor Clegg could be trusted to do anything but give more of our constitutional powers away to Brussels, Labour promised a referendum on Lisbon and broke that promise and Europhile does not even come close to describing Clegg.

Hazel Blears – The Salford Star Puts The Boot In

More bad publicity for Hazel Blears

Hazel Blears antics as a serial house flipper and trougher of tax payers money has done serious damage to both Blears and Labour in Salford, so much so that Labour have declared Salford to be a marginal seat.

Salford has been Labour since dinosaurs walked the earth, the fact that Labour now have serious worries about the seat, shows the level of damage Blears has done.

The whole blame does not really lie with Blears, Salford Labour Party must take a share of the blame for re-selecting Blears after the expenses scandal.

The Salford Star is no great fan of the ginger chipmunk and today have exceeded all previous efforts with this post:

Hazel Blears is the pin up girl of the MPs expenses scandal… The properties in London, the £1,773 on two TVs in less than a year, the cleaning bills, the £200 bath towels, the £9000 food bill and the husband who’s picking up almost £80,000 from Salford Royal Hospital Trust as a non-exec director. It goes on and on and on…

So Hazel Blears and your expenses sheet, come on down… Read the rest of this entry