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Bald Eagle’s Nest And Habitat Destroyed For Wind Farm

Wind Turbines are not called bird choppers for nothing, every year across the planet millions of bird are killed by wind farms.

This video shot just 3 days ago, shows that the only Green in wind farms is the colour of money, watch as the tree containing the Bald Eagles nest is cut down with the birds still in it.

The Bald Eagle is both protected and rare in Ontario, yet this counts for nothing as Green renewable energy is involved, the birds, just collateral damage and martyrs for the Green cause.

At the end of the video it says SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME which does not even get close.

Another Wind Turbine Fails In High Winds

Llandinam Windfarm closed while engineers investigate why the turbine broke up in high winds

For the second time in a month a wind turbine in Britain has broken up in high winds scattering wreckage across a wide area, unlike the recent accident in Scotland where the turbine caught fire and broke up, this wind turbine simply broke up and crashed to the ground.

Following the catastrophic failure the Llandinam Windfarm in Wales, has been taken off the grid while engineers investigate the problem. Read the rest of this entry

German Wind Farm Fiasco

German offshore wind farm has nothing to connect to

Another story of epic failure from the renewables industry, this time from the normally meticulous Germans who have built a large wind farm 20 miles off the coast of Heligoland, in the North Sea.

Once finished the wind farm will start generating electricity immediately, er no, seems there is no infrastructure in place to connect the wind farm to Germany’s electrical grid, and there will not be for at least 12 months.

It gets better soon the area will be full of diesel fumes as fossil fuel powered generators will be used to keep the turbines, turning: Read the rest of this entry

Wind And Solar Power Will Cause An Energy Crisis By 2015

Renewable energy sources have been deemed inadequate

A new report produced jointly by the Adam Smith Institute (ASI) and Scientific Alliance warns of the dangers for secure and reliable power supplies if the government continues the folly of believing that renewables work, and that renewables are not economically viable without the never ending huge Green taxation and subsidies.

The technologies of wind and solar power simply do not work: Read the rest of this entry

Wind Turbines – Apparently The Isle Of Wight Has It’s Own Climate

Plans to build a wind farm of 3 125 metre tall bird choppers on Cheverton Down on the Isle of Wight have been rejected on appeal

Yet another planning application for wind turbines has been rejected, this time on appeal.

REG power had wanted to build 3 of the 125 metre tall bird choppers on Cheverton Down, an area of outstanding natural beauty on the Isle of Wight.

On Tuesday national planning inspector John Woolcock announced he had dismissed the appeal: Read the rest of this entry

Wind Turbines – How Long Before The Golden Eagle Is Extinct?

A white tailed eagle killed by a Norwegian wind turbine

The wind turbine symbol of all that is good, renewable, green and politically correct is in reality an environmental holocaust for the countries like China that manufacture components for them, a subsidised failure at reliable electricity generation globally, they blight the lives of people forced to live within their shadow and they kill birds in huge numbers.

Yesterday Aardvark blogged about the desecration of the D Day beaches by bird choppers and finished the post with “Now if the area around the Normandy beaches were home to a threatened species of aquatic fruit bat then every NGO from Greenpeace to the WWF would be up in arms,” seems that Aardvark was wrong Wind Turbines are, in fact, the most sacred icon in the political Church of Climatology: Read the rest of this entry

The Hidden Toxic World Of The Wind Turbine

In just under 4 minutes this video shows the real world of the wind turbine and the wind farm.

The impact that these icons of the Church of Climatology have on real people, communities and wild life.

This video sadly contains footage of birds of prey being killed by wind turbines, if you are distressed by images like this then it might be as well to not watch the video. Read the rest of this entry

Wind Turbines – What Chris Huhne Does Not Want You To Know

This short video compilation exposes shocking images of death and destruction that is the hidden price of wind farms.

Blighted communities campaign to stop green lunacy, the toll on birds continues to mount, the environmental damage from wind turbine production in China is kept hidden Read the rest of this entry

British Windfarms Work at 21% Efficency

British Wind Farms consistently fail to deliver quoted levels of output

A report from a British Conservation charity, The John Muir Trust has shown that our heavily subsidised wind farms operate at 21% efficency not the 29 – 30% efficency claimed by the Green evangelists.

Read the rest of this entry

Wind Energy Has Killed More Americans Than Nuclear

Wind farms are more dangerous than nuclear power plants

The damage done to the nuclear power stations in Japan by the Tsunami, has given every gong banging moon barking Green Libtard the opportunity to bray endlessly about nuclear holocaust scenarios and how nuclear power is finished, and the only answer lies in those globally hated symbols of the Church of Climatology, the wind turbine.

In the United States, since 1970 accidents on wind farms have killed 35 people, in the same time period no one was killed in a nuclear accident.

Wind farms provide America with just 0.7% of it’s energy needs: Read the rest of this entry