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Better Education Causes Climate Scepticism

Graduation day at Cambridge University, a recent US Government survey has found the better educated you are, the less your belief in the junk science of Anthropogenic Global Warming

Dont you just love it when a survey is commissioned, and those paying for the survey are confident that they will get the answer they want, then they get completely the wrong answer from their point of view.

This is has just happened to the US Government who were confident that their survey would confirm the Green lie that climate sceptics are anti-science, ignorant, have some sort of right wing disease/disability  and are all in the pay of big oil.

The survey confirms their worst fears, the better educated you are the less chance there is you will believe in the junk science of man made climate change: Read the rest of this entry


Green Energy Is Dead In Spain

Spain has a record high for unemployment, twice the EU limit on budget deficit and a Green economy that has caused this mess in the first place.

The world was a different place at the beginning of the 21st Century, Climate Religion was at the height of its powers, people and politicians cowered in fear at the predictions of the coming environmental holocaust.

In the early years of the first decade of this century to stave off Global Warming as it was called then, countries like Spain and Portugal followed the Germans and Greened their economies on the German Green subsidy model.

Over a decade later the total economic failure of Green renewable energy has been plain for all to see, a US House of Representatives report concluded that there was no such thing as lasting Green jobs. Green jobs because of the huge subsidies they require kill more jobs in existing industries than they create  in the new Green industries.

This killing of real jobs, for short term low carbon jobs has cost Spain 2.2 real jobs for every Green job created, now with the economy in ruins Spain has stopped all the Green subsidies put in place by the previous Socialist government. Read the rest of this entry

Judge – Peoples Rights Are More Important Than Green Energy Targets

The Coalition Governments Renewable Energy targets are in tatters after a High Court ruling

The Green wind farm steamroller has finally been brought to a halt, not by politicians or public pressure, but by the sense of a High Court judge who has ruled that people’s rights are more important than lining the pockets of the rich. and foreign energy companies with British Tax payers money for Green subsidies.

Despite rejection of the proposal to build 4 wind turbines, the company concerned,  Sea Land and Power Ltd, thought it was their god given right to Hoover up Green subsidies and went to the High Court on the grounds that the East of England had failed to meet its renewable energy targets. Read the rest of this entry

Fracking Will Kill Renewables Stone Dead

Shale Gas will cause renewables to be just a distant bad economic memory by 2035

The International Energy Agency(IEA) is warning that the global dash for shale gas will kill the financially unviable renewables of wind and solar, unless governments and tax payers continue to pour billions into the Green renewable energy money pit.

To back up the continued demands for Green subsidies the IEA is peddling a new fear story that if renewables die off the temperature of the planet will rise several trillion degrees by 2070, or something equally unlikely. Read the rest of this entry

Environmentalist Thinking Is All About Limits & Hating People

Primitive Tribes have never progressed beyond a certain point because anyone who gets ahead is subject to shaming, threats and coercion, we in the developed world know this ethos as socialism

The Green and environmental movement has this obsession with limits to everything, we are consuming too much they wail, people in the developed nations need 4 planet Earths to meet their current consumption levels.

This desire to limit everything is the same primitive thought response that has stopped many of the so called primitive tribes from ever evolving beyond,  the hard hand to mouth existence they have known for thousands of years.

This hard drudge of a life is the dream of ecomentalists like David Suzuki, long time human hater Paul Ehrlich who wants to kill off 80% of humans while making sure the remaining 19.99% live in abject poverty. The other 0.01%  can continue with 21st Century life as normal, because someone has to be in charge and self appointed Green environmentalists always know best.

The pessimism of Environmentalism devalues and distorts the natural human desire to progress as greed and destruction, something that must be prevented, and failing that punished. Read the rest of this entry

Liberals, Warming Alarmists & Junkies – Its All About Feeling Good

As someone who reads a huge amount about Climate Change, and not just sceptics blogs and articles, but both sides of the debate, Aardvark has noticed that for many believers in Anthropogenic Global Warming there is an unshakeable belief that they are right and CO2 is the major player in Climate Change.

The belief that they are right, and that science can ever be settled is unshakeable, when their prophecies of Environmental Doom fail to happen, they gloss over the failure and scream stridently about taking the moral high ground,  leading by example and others will follow.

A case in point is Juliar Gillards regime in Australia, having gone back on an election promise not to introduce a Carbon Tax, Gillard promptly did just that.

Has the rest of the world followed Australia’s example?

No, Canada and Japan have left Kyoto since Durban became the third COP failure in a row,   British Columbia were  going to introduce a carbon tax because they believed others would follow their example.

No surprises that British Columbia have now abandoned the carbon tax, as no one else wanted to join in the economic suicide fest.

Recently Aardvark was emailed this observation on the psyche of Liberals and Warming Alarmists (Hat Tip GG Girl), despite much googling Aardvark has been unable to find the author of this work, so if anyone knows who wrote this insight into the Liberal mind, or indeed the author should read this,  please let Aardvark know so they can be duly credited. Read the rest of this entry

Bonn – Another UNFCCC Epic Failure

Pre Rio+20 climate talks in Bonn, another epic fail for the UNFCCC headed by Christiana Figueres

Poor old Global Warming Climate Change Climate Disruption Climate Change after so many name changes and failed cataclysmic events, Climate Change has been dropped for “sustainable development” and publicly demoted by such luminaries as Barack Hussein Obama.

The purpose of the 2 week long meeting in Bonn was to set the framework and agenda for the next big warming alarmist meeting, the Rio+20 Earth Summit  next month, when the Green climate zealots will ignore the possibilities of video conferencing and hypocritically emit tons of CO2 when 50,000 of them get into those evil winged machines and fly to Brazil.

The Bonn meeting was supposed to prepare the way for the bright new shiny Green scam of sustainable development, instead there was no agreement about anything really, and what little progress there was at COP17 Durban started to unravel: Read the rest of this entry

UK Solar Subsidies To Be Cut Again

The Feedin Tariff for the solar energy is to be cut again in August, payments will now be over 20 years not 25 years

The morally wrong solar subsidies are to be cut again in August which is good news, the bad news is just like the last time they tried to cut the solar subsidies, the Coalition government have managed to screw this cut up, as well.

This time the government missed the legal deadline to make the changes effective from July 1st: Read the rest of this entry

Will.I.Am The Hypocritical Champagne Warming Alarmist

William James Adams Jr just another hypocritical champagne celebrity environmentalist and his “hip.hop.copter”

The warming alarmist industry has proved an irresistible draw to hypocrites, liars, fools, knaves and champagne environmentalists, like U2 front man Bono who advocates writing off third world debt with tax payers money, while avoiding paying any tax himself.

Even the saintly Sir Bob Geldorf has efficient tax affairs, just like Bono, another caring celebrity, only with other people’s money.

Next month 50,000 caring ecowarriors will fly to the Rio+20 Earth Summit, emitting thousands of tons of the CO2 they fear so much, all so they can save the planet from other people flying and burning fossil fuels, so it comes as no surprise that when ecowarrior and Black Eyed Peas rapper attended a meeting at Oxford University on Climate Change, he chose to arrive by helicopter, and then cycle the last few hundred yards. Read the rest of this entry

Frivolous Internet Searches Are Killing Gaia

Claudia Sprinz – “A single internet search for Chuck Norris causes as much CO2 as a car travelling 7.5 cm”, Sprinz then ranted something about funny cats and cheeseburgers

The joyless puritanical OCD driven existence of the warming alarmist CO2 paranoaic knows no bounds, just about all human activity is evil, every day things like internet searches and having pets are just plain wrong.

According to Green Guru David Suzuki, us carbon based bipedal lifeforms are just maggots defecating all over his environment, while in New Zealand warming alarmists think we should eat our cats and dogs and not keep them as pets, because pets emit CO2.

The latest diatribe, this time on silly internet searches, and their CO2 emissions comes from Austrian Greenpeace Uberharpie Claudia Sprinz: Read the rest of this entry