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Wind Farms – No Green Jobs For Britain

Foreign companies building wind farms provide negligible work for Britons

To justify the billions being spent on wind farms the Greens are forever telling the population that renewables will prove not only an energy revolution, but also an economic revolution with hundreds of thousands of long lasting Green jobs.

The actual global reality is that there is no such thing as a lasting Green job, the job security provided by wind and solar is about as reliable as their power generation.

Out of the £850 million paid in Green subsidy to the major wind farm operators in 2011, over £700 million flowed out of Britain and straight into the bank accounts of foreign companies; this sum is set to rise as more and more foreign wind farms come on stream.

The lack of lasting Green jobs has now become so obvious, that even the wind farm groupies at the Guardian have noticed it: Read the rest of this entry


Germany Subsidizes China To Destroy The German Solar Industry

German Solar industry going downhill from crisis to crisis

You could not make it up” is one of those done to death clichés popular with bloggers and journalists alike, yet clichés aside, the latest instalment in the demise of the German Solar industry really does earn the “You could not make it up” cliché.

Imagine if you taxed your industry with a CO2 emissions tax and then used the money raised to start the solar industry in a competing country that will always be able to undercut your own in price and always beat your own country in volume production.

Well Germany did just that thanks to the usual stupid unthought through policies of the Greens,  it is bad enough for Germany that the solar industry has proved to be a €100 billion money pit, but it defies belief to fund the competition who will ultimately put you out of business.

Solar has been a very expensive mistake for  Germany, in Britain solar has so far wasted £7 billion, and it just keeps getting worse day by day for German solar: Read the rest of this entry

British Wind Farms Political Will Falters

British government quietly shelves plans for more wind farms because of mounting public and political anger over the costs of the Green taxation that wind power needs to survive.

The public anger over the ever rising cost of energy bills due to the Green taxation costs of wind and solar is at last being heard.

At the beginning of February 101 Tory MP’s and some MPs from other political parties wrote to Prime Minster David Cameron complaining about the 15% Green taxation that wind power adds to energy bills.

The departure of Chris Huhne was always going to spell the end of the Greenest Government ever, and while Cameron will never admit that, he like many other politicians was conned by the warming alarmists, the likely political course will be to sweep things quietly under the carpet and move on. Read the rest of this entry

EU’s Green Agenda Faces Global Opposition

The EU one of the last bastions of Climate Religion sets the example that we were told the rest of the world would follow; the problem is economic suicide is only popular with EU Commissars

The Left have always attached noble and lofty adjectives to their political aims, taking the moral high ground, leading by example are popular chants from the comrades of socialism, environmentalism and the easily manipulated eco sheep of the Occupy movement.

All the talk of moral high ground and leading way to a brave new Green world are just smokescreens to force the environmental legislation through at any price, with the secondary vain hope that there might be other ecomentalist simpletons in power elsewhere who also want to de-industrialise their societies, commit economic suicide and embrace the misery and drudge of the Green Agrarian Society.

All in all, it sounds like political suicide, well it would be if the EU Commissars concerned were elected, but as usual with the EU democracy is not in the loop, so the unelected and unanswerable climate zealots will continue with their Green agenda, that the rest of the world does not want any part of.

So much for leading by example, instead the largely bankrupt EU is on a collision course for a Global Trade War with the rest of the world: Read the rest of this entry

Germany – Green Subsidies Cause Fuel Poverty

Germany 600,000 households have had their power cut off for being unable to pay their energy bills

Germany is counting the cost of its desire to be Green, the €100 billion wasted on solar, the post Fukushima hysteria where for no good reason, but Green hysteria, Germany shutdown their nuclear power stations only to have to bring them back on-line to meet the demand for energy caused by the very cold winter this year.

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) have produced a report by Dr Guenter Keil warning of the impending doom to the German economy from the money pit of Green renewable energy.

A German consumer watchdog has found that because of the sudden increases in energy bills caused by the Green taxation that solar and wind need to survive, fuel poverty and fuel debt are becoming serious social issues: Read the rest of this entry

Green Investment Bank Will Not Be A Cash Cow For Green Energy Follies

Environmentalist hopes that the Green Investment Bank would be a cash cow for every Green energy folly have been dashed.

The Green Investment Bank will not be the bottomless pit of money for every new Green fad that the ecomentalists and Greens were hoping for, instead it will be a properly run commercial institution with a profit motive and a share holder, The Treasury, that expects dividends every year.

There was no doubt that once Chris Huhne was gone the Greenest Government Ever mantra would be quietly swept under the carpet, the clearest indication of that was Huhne’s replacement, the man with the charisma bypass operation Ed Davey. Apart from having a brother who is an eco lawyer, Davey is every bit the idiot that Chris Huhne is it’s just Davey is, as Douglas Adams put it “mostly harmless“. Read the rest of this entry

The Next Green Stupidity – Tidal Power

Tidal Turbine effectively an underwater wind turbine and like wind power it requires huge Green taxation to exist and produces expensive electricty

The Commons’ Energy and Climate Change Committee (ECC) have just released a report on Marine Renewables which claims, wait for it, that Britain could become a leading exporter of tidal power and expertise if billions in Green taxation are used to support yet another economically unviable Green energy source folly.

Tidal Power comes in 3 forms:

Tidal Fences which are a continuous line of underwater tidal current turbines, installed in a way which forces as much flow to go through the turbines as possible.

Barrage Tidal Plants these are the most common form, using narrow water channels with gates and turbines, opening the gates causes water to flow which in turn spins the turbines.

Tidal Turbines which work like an underwater wind turbine using the tides to turn the turbine. Read the rest of this entry

More Green Failure And Lies In Europe

The truth about the real cost of Green taxation for wind and solar on Britain’s energy bills is out, Green subsidy adds 15% to electricity bills.

The Global Trade War over the EU’s Green flying tax took a step closer to reality this week, and out of  the blue Germany is now cutting subsidies earlier than planned for solar; within 5 years the Green taxation for solar will be no more.

The cost of Green subsidy on Britain’s energy bills has been hotly debated with the Greens maintaining that the cost of subsidy is only £20 per year: Read the rest of this entry

Hurricane Blows Through The US Wind Industry

The tax credit extension for US wind power subsidy has been dropped and a new report says that half of US off shore wind turbines would be destroyed in a hurricane

The global trend in cutting the tax payer funded Green subsidies that allow wind and solar to exist, has arrived in the United States.

In the US wind farms have been subsidised since 1992 by the Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC), which was usually extended for 1 – 2 year periods; in 2009 the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act extended subsidy for wind power until the end of 2012.

An extension of the PTC, the subsidy that allowed wind to be competitive with other forms of energy, has been left out of a payroll tax cut extension currently making its way through the US  House of Representatives, without a change of policy wind subsidy ends in 2012.

The Americans have subsidised wind power for 20 years, and yes, you guessed right without Green taxation the US wind industry is dead. Read the rest of this entry

Britain – 15 Wind Farm Owners Get £850 Million In Green Subsidy Every Year

Wind Turbine at Bogan Green farm, brought to the ground by a controlled collapse after suffering mechanical failure yet again

The wind farm scam has proved a nice earner if you are one of the big energy companies, a foreign company that has moved into wind power or a rich landowner who has the space and capital to hoover up the Green taxation and build your very own wind farm cash cow.

Wind farms are that most unique of endlessly laying Golden geese, they pay well over the odds for the 20% of the time they actually generate electricity and then they pay off again when there is no demand for their erratic power supply.

As usual it is the over taxed population of Britain that are paying for the Green dream: Read the rest of this entry