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Climate Change – Inconvenient Truth Weekly Round-Up

The rebranding of Climate Change, Global Warming, Climate Disruption Global Weirding continued this week with much orchestrated fear about the future and suspect predictions for increasing extreme weather events, then the IPCC went and screwed the whole thing up by saying they had no idea if the Climate were becoming more extreme. Kind of embarrassing when the organisation that supports the AGW scam doesn’t back the evangelists in the field.

A new peer reviewed paper proved that the Medieval Warming Period was global, not just limited to Europe as Michael Mann and the ecotards would have us all believe, it was 2.5C warmer for 500 years and atmospheric CO2 was approximately 66% of 2012 levels, a seriously inconvenient truth for the backbone of the AGW scare.

The Arctic ice sheet continues to grow apace, despite warmist claims to the contrary, while the HadCRUT dataset that is the IPCC’s gold standard for climate modelling shows February 2012 to be the coldest for 18 years. Read the rest of this entry


Wind & Solar The Only Green Is The Colour Of Money

They’re Not Green is a new 1 hour documentary that exposes the real truths about wind farms, the video clip is part 1 of the film, you can see more here and 3 more parts on Nettie Peña’s web site.

The film deals with usual problems of Green subsidies, bird deaths and fast emerging problem of wind turbine syndrome which is caused by the new generation of even bigger bird choppers.

Renewables have always been about the money to be made, not matter how the Greens try and big up companies and individuals who install wind turbines and solar panels as Green, the huge Green subsidies are the main driver of renewables as this story from 2010 about a solar power subsidy scam shows: Read the rest of this entry

Climate Change Scam – New Inconvenient Truths

It has been a long time since I did one of these round-ups of stories, but there are too many interesting stories to try and cover them all at the moment and also, partly as a homage to the Daily Bayonet who is taking a break after years of skewering the clueless, the weekly round-up of the AGW Hoax was always a must read.

The much abused and ignored Medieval Warming Period that Michael Mann hockey sticked into submission was not just a european event, a new report from Syracuse University in New York State has found that Antarctica heated up as well, and all without the benefit of human CO2 emissions.

Extreme weather events have the warming alarmists running around like medieval witch burners, creating imaginary trends and attaching imaginary attributes to the trends. “She turned me into a newt” or the modern version “Extreme weather events have increased very likely caused by man made climate changeRead the rest of this entry

Solar Panels Are A Killer For Mortgages

Solar Roof Panels are a killer for mortgages on property

The Green gold rush to grab billions in the renewable energy Feedin tariff scam has already added 15% to Britain’s energy bills, which has left millions of people in energy poverty while a lucky few reaped the rewards of the Green Dream subsidies.

Now the Green Dream is turning sour for those that chose to do the Green thing because their houses are unsaleable to anyone but cash buyers.

The gullibility of those that chose to lease roof space to Green renewable solar companies is simply amazing: Read the rest of this entry

NASA The Sun Heats The Planet; CO2 & NO Cool The Atmosphere

CO2 as the warming alarmists frequently chant  is a greenhouse gas and traps heat in the planet’s atmosphere which causes Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Inconvenient truths like the Middle Age Warming Period (MWP) when global temperatures were 2.5 C higher and atmospheric Carbon dioxide (CO2) was around 260 ppm,  as compared to todays figure of 390 ppm are normally ironed out as Michael Mann did with his junk science hockey stick graph, or the MWP is erroneously explained away as a local phenomenon.

This video from NASA contradicts the warming alarmist hype output by NASA employees like James Hansen about the effects of CO2 on planetary temperatures. Read the rest of this entry

Green NGOs Very Upset By George Osborne’s Budget

Chancellor George Osborne delivers his Budget 2012 speech in the House of Commons. Photograph Press Association

Chancellor George Osborne signalled the start of the dash for gas in today’s Budget speech in the House of Commons, backed up with a £3 billion allowance for new gas and oil fields to the west of the Shetland Islands.

The wailing and gnashing of teeth from the  marxist  agrarian ecomentalists was almost immediate, with the usual chorus of Green jobs,  low carbon economy, CO2 emissions targets,  the old worn out lie that fossil fuel prices will only ever rise, and usual, completely ignoring shale gas and fracking. Read the rest of this entry

Germany – A Country Run By Green Infallible Führers

Wind Farm in the Rhineland Palatinate

Wind farms are becoming universally hated by all but the Green zealots with their sacred carbon targets and the rich landowners who are grabbing billions in Green subsidies across Europe building more and more wind farms.

In a trend sweeping across the industrialised nations ordinary people are protesting in droves about the bird choppers blighting the landscape, the problems of turbine low frequency noise know as Wind Turbine Syndrome and its impact on health and property values, then,  there are the costs of the Green subsidies that push energy bills ever upwards.

Increasingly wind farms are causing friction between real environmentalists and those using environmentalism to obfuscate their Green marxist agrarian agenda.

In the US raptor deaths caused by wind farms are causing Green groups to take legal action to shutdown wind farms to stop the slaughter of protected bird species, wind farms are so divisive they even pit Green against Green.

Now German Greens are learning the hard way, that among their number are Green infallible Führers: Read the rest of this entry

Global Warming Fears And The Link With OCD

The Copenhagen COP15 opening video shown to delegates is all about fear, fear has historically always played a part in politics so there is always something that the politicians, or dictators can save us from, and anything done is always justified as necessary to save us from a fate worth than death, or something like that.

The Anthropogenic Global Warming scam has always used fear as one of its key message delivery systems, all the ice will be gone by 2015, there will be millions of climate change refugees, snow in winter will be a thing of the past. polar bears will be extinct, the list of non event environmental holocausts is endless.

The great climate catastrophes the warming alarmists prayed for so they could say they were right, have failed singularly to happen, belief in Climate Religion is declining faster and faster each day, though there will always be some people who believe the made up fear stories of the warming alarmists.

The University of Sydney Anxiety Disorders Clinic has conducted a study of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and the impact of the great global warming scam, the findings make for disturbing reading: Read the rest of this entry

Why Do Green Environmentalists Oppose Everything

The only fairytale is that CO2 is the main driver of climate, not the sun

Dash for Gas angers campaigners” trumpets the Guardian with the usual righteous indignation because the Green environmental movement is upset.

The Greens naturally oppose anything that is not heavily subsidised politically correct Green renewable energy, never a movement to be confused with real facts, they are programmed to automatically oppose any form of affordable reliable energy.

The extravagant and erroneous statements they make about solar power for example: “There are enough roof tops in Britain for the country to provide its energy needs“; doubtless there is sufficient roof space for this Green wet dream, the problem is that the most significant part of this equation, the big orange ball in the sky does not always shine and is conspicuous by its absence at night.

The same goes for wind farms, which despite getting billions in Green subsidies fail to generate more than 3.3% of Britain’s electricity needs and suffer from the problems of no wind, too much wind and not very often being able to generate sufficient power at times of peak demand. Read the rest of this entry

UN Climate Chief “Citizens Are Not Pushing For Climate Action”

UN Climate Scam Chief Christiana Figueres whingeing that people are not putting pressure on their governments to commit financial suicide in a UN Green Dream climate deal

It always has to be someone’s fault in marxist circles, when the plot fails, the plot in this case is Anthropogenic Global Warming or Man Made Climate Change if you prefer.

So far the inability of the UN to force its Green vision on the world has been blamed on Big Oil, the weather, climate change deniers, right wing bloggers, Conservatives, Republicans, the Koch Brothers, BP, flat earthers and now its the people’s fault for not pushing their politicians harder for the drudge of the Green Agrarian society, ruled by one world government, the UN, and financed by a one world bank controlled by, the UN.

After 3 very public COP failures in a row, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Chief Christiana Figueres blames the ordinary citizens of the world for not sharing her and Hugo Chavez’s anti-capitalist agenda: Read the rest of this entry