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Green Fringe Minority Stage Climate Week 2013

Climate Week a chance for warming alarmists to indulge in Green tokenism and gesture politics

Climate Week a chance for warming alarmists to indulge in Green tokenism and gesture politics

It is Climate Week in Britain where 500000 people will attend 3000 events in support of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam, or to put it more accurately the public support for action on controlling the climate committing economic suicide is so overwhelming each event attracts an average of just 166 people.

The mission of Climate Week is the usual mix of Green renewable energy can meet all of Britain’s energy needs, and if we lead the way with Green gesture politics then the rest of the world, who to date have walked away from this idea, will suddenly get a massive change of heart and follow our example.

One of the objectives of Climate Week is to reinstate an ambitious, for that read economically disastrous, power sector decarbonisation target for 2030 that some how vanished at the end of 2012, the re-introduction of this target is being actively supported by the Head of the Climate Change Committee crony capitalist and rent seeker Tim Yeo and Labour MP Barry Gardiner. Read the rest of this entry


Greenpeace Co-Founder Blasts Wind Power

Greenpeace co-founder Dr Patrick Moore - "The wind industry destroys more jobs than it creates, and causes energy prices to climb for all users".

Wind power is the saviour of the planet, the gateway to a Green renewables heaven according to Chris Huhne, the EU, Greenpeace, WWF, FoE and the ecomentalist  simpleton that is heir to the British throne.

Nothing could be further from the truth as Attila the Huhnatic repeatedly lies about the Green jobs his personal crusade for bird choppers will bring, the conclusion of a  US House of Representatives report on Green jobs was one of universal failure on a global scale.

Globally the renewables industry is in massive decline as cash strapped governments cut or remove altogether the subsidies Green taxation that was the oxygen for wind and solar power.

Now from the other side of the AGW argument Dr Patrick Moore a co-founder of Greenpeace, has condemned wind farms and the wind industry in general: Read the rest of this entry

Wind Power Joins Solar Power In Death Spiral

Wind Power now declining as fast as solar power

2009 was the peak year for investments in the Green failure that is renewables, since then there has been a slow but steady decline as populations across the developed world woke up to costs of the Green taxation and crony capitalism that funded the short lived renewables boom.

Since the third successive failure of the UN Climate Synod in November 2011 the rate of decline in the renewables industry has accelerated to the  point where bankruptcies of companies and cutbacks in investment have become an almost daily event.

In Germany the solar industry is all but dead, in Britain the cut in Green taxation for solar power is causing the smart money to get the hell out and in the USA the same trend is happening as other companies follow the pattern set by Solyndra and go bust.

Now Vestas the biggest producer of wind turbines has seen its stock fall 19% after the company downgraded it’s revenue and profit forecast for the second time in 2 months. Read the rest of this entry

Wind Farms Paid £10 Million To Turn Off

Wind Farm operators paid £10,000,000 to turn turbines off

The insanity of wind power continues unabated as wind farm operators are paid £10 million pounds to turn the bird choppers off.

There are nearly 6 million households in energy poverty due to the Green agenda and the ludicrous amount of tax payer subsidies that wind power receives, the wind farm operators are paid a huge subsidy to generate a electricity, and then they are paid to not generate electricity, a win win situation for anyone involved in the Green renewables scam and of course, a lose lose for the tax payers. Read the rest of this entry

Wind Power Another Epic Fail This Time New Zealand

New Zealand Wind Energy report riddled with flaws

Same story, different country and the lies and spin about the real costs of renewable energy are being pushed in New Zealand by the Green evangelists about how much money people will save with the Green Energy revolution, and as usual it’s the same tired old lies Chris Huhne speaks in Britain about people financially being better off with bird choppers.

Ignored as always with wind power is what happens on days when there is no wind or too much wind, the turbines are frozen solid  or there is no demand for their power. Read the rest of this entry

Wind And Solar Power Industries In Global Decline

Renewables in Global Decline: In Holland, the EU renewable energy target has been abandoned, saving the country billions of euros in subsidies

News yesterday that Google was completely abandoning its Green Energy program was yet another coffin nail in the global renewables industry which has universally failed to deliver reliable and affordable energy and no lasting Green jobs.

All around the world renewable energy projects are being abandoned as costs rise and voters get wise to just how much this so called Green Revolution is costing, not only in hard cash but also the jobs that pointless and futile emissions legislation are  causing to be lost as companies relocate to more favourable locations.

The whole concept of ludicrous Green subsidies and taxes is nothing but a net drain on the economy and people struggling to pay ever rising energy bills, as in addition to the costs of Green taxation there has to be 100% backup from fossil fuel or nuclear power stations for they days when there is no wind, or the wind is too fast or the bird choppers are frozen solid, then of course during cold spells wind turbines consume more energy than they produce: Read the rest of this entry

Europe Calls Time On Expensive Green Energy

An abandoned Wind Farm in Hawaii, the future for renewables across the world

The truth about the extremely high costs of Green Renewable energy is out, as is the truth that there will never be lasting viable Green jobs and now the Renewables industry is in meltdown.

Britain is cutting the morally wrong Green tax called a Feedin Tariff from December 12th 2011 for solar installations and now other countries are following suit.

Spain was the first economy in Europe to jump on the Green Renewables farce and quickly found that every Green job created cost 2.2 jobs in existing profitable businesses, now it is looking likely that Spain is about to abandon the insanity of prohibitively expensive Green energy Read the rest of this entry

The WWF Plan To Make Energy Unaffordable In Britain By 2030

or how Britain can sit and freeze in the dark

The WWF have taken time out from controlling the UN IPCC by the back door to produce a politically correct religious tome about how Britain could get 90% of its energy needs from renewables by 2030, without, the need for either coal fired or nuclear power stations.

This is the silly season for warming alarmists as they prepare to commit terrible sins against the Environment by flying to Durban for COP17, so it is no real wonder that this load of  recycled Greenwash is being pushed hard.

The report is more of the same lies about the affordability and the benefits of renewables to the economy,  all underlined with the oxymoron of Green jobs: Read the rest of this entry

Wind Farm Paid £1.2 Million To Produce No Electricity

A wind farm has been paid £1.2 million not to produce electricity for eight-and-a-half hours

Here we go again, wind farm owners being paid 10 times what they would have been paid if the bird choppers had been operating, £120k to generate electricity for 8.5 hours, £1.2 million for generating nothing.

As more and more households in Britain slide into energy poverty the Greenest government ever continues to shape its energy policies on junk science. Read the rest of this entry

British Windfarms Work at 21% Efficency

British Wind Farms consistently fail to deliver quoted levels of output

A report from a British Conservation charity, The John Muir Trust has shown that our heavily subsidised wind farms operate at 21% efficency not the 29 – 30% efficency claimed by the Green evangelists.

Read the rest of this entry