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Tony Blair To Reignite War With Gordon Brown

Blair to blame Brown for losing the General Election

The Labour Party is preparing for the Blair Brown war to restart with the publication of the orange war criminals book on Wednesday which no one should buy, instead donate the entire cover price to the British Legion.

The major reason for Blairs book is for his justification for his illegal war with Iraq, but also included will be Blairs judgement on Gordon Brown’s handling of the economic crisis and the General Election.

BBC2 will be showing Blair’s first major TV interview since he left Downing Street Read the rest of this entry


George Bush And Tony Blair Plotted To Stop Gordon Brown Becoming PM

Bush told Blair US cannot work with Gordon Brown

Tony Blair knew it, most of the Labour party and their advisers knew it, even George W Bush knew it: Gordon Brown was not fit for purpose as Chancellor or Prime Minister.

None the less Brown eventually became Prime Minister, no one in Labour had the balls to stand up to him and they were happy to let Brown ruin country while Ed Balls and Milibland brother stayed in power, these are the same spineless tossers that want to lead the Labtard pary.

Whichever one of these pointless fuckwits wins, it is worth remembering that if they could not stand up to a bully like Gordon Brown then what sort of a leader for Britain will they make?

George W Bush has been portrayed as a mindless chimp in the media here, well for the record George W could see from the White House that Brown was going to be a disaster Read the rest of this entry

The Books Labour Ministers Should Have Written

Read the rest of this entry

UK Border Agency Stop Sham Marriage

One more fraudulent marriage stopped

A fake couple and yet another sham marriage were stopped by UK Border Agency Officials as they slapped hand cuffs on an illegal immigrant from Nigeria and a Dutch national just as the service was begining.

St John’s Church in Tilbury, Essex has been the venue for many sham marriages of convenience according to Father Tim Coding. Read the rest of this entry

Barack Obama Deserts Church Of Climatology

Barack Obama AGW promises scrubbed

It just keeps getting better and better as the great Man Made Climate Change scam continues to disintergrate at ever increasing speed.

The latest event to befall the wealth redistributionists is King Hussein removing from the White House web site all his promises for Cap n Trade, $150 billion investment in “Green” energy, also gone is any clear pledge to destroy US industry with carbon taxes; Dave and the Wind God take note.

While Obama has had these removed from the White House web site, he completely forgot about the web he set up in 2008: Office of the President elect Read the rest of this entry

Evil Old Hag Puts Cat In Wheelie Bin

It takes a fair amount to render Aardvark speechless, but this dried up barren old hag dropping a cat into a wheelie bin in Coventry, has to be one of nastiest and most spiteful things in a long time.

The old hag has been indentified and offered Police protection after death threats from the Internet.

Daryll and Stephanie Mann could not find Lola the cat and it was only after they looked at CCTV footage they saw the old hag drop the cat in the wheelie bin. Read the rest of this entry

Ground Zero Mosque Daisy Khan Compares Protests To Anti-Semitism

This protestor makess a very good point

The Daily Mail is running a story about an African American wearing a similar type of hat to that worn by Muslim men, who got caught up in the protests about the Ground Zero Mosque.

But for the intervention of a couple of brave souls, the man identified as Kenny would have got the living shit stomped out of him.

The whole idea of a mosque or islamic cultural centre in sight of the 9/11 massacre is not exactly sensitive or respectful of our feelings, which is strange when there is always a member of the Liberal thought Police present to remind us that we must not offend the practitioners of a barbaric and stone age religion. Read the rest of this entry

If You Eat Meat On Mondays You Will Be Shot

Fuhrer Lucas wants Parliament to provide no meat meals on Mondays

In these days of Coalition Government it is rare to find a voice of dissension against anything green on the Conservative Home site, where they live in fear of Dave forcing them to have a bird chopper on the roof, or worst of all, a visit in person from the Wind God.

So it comes as a bit of surprise to find that Jonathan Isaby is blogging regulalrly to expose the Green Party for what it is, just another Marxist Party determined to force it’s will and vision on the people, and just like Marxism it is based on a erroneous pretext, in this case Anthropogenic Global Warming Read the rest of this entry

Church Of Climatology In Terminal Decline And The IPCC Is A Disgrace To Science

The Sex Poodle now preaches to empty pews

Al Gore’s recent decision to withdraw and lick his wounds for 2010 looks like he might actually have been right, at last.

Aardvark recently blogged that ManBearPig was a net vote loser in Germany due to lack of belief in the religious scriptures of Michael Mann and Phil Jones as preached by Al Gore. Germany is not the only country where ManbearPig believers attract the same ridicule as window lickers ; Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown Left The Country And Labour Virtually Bankrupt

Prescott estimates Browns bottled election cost Labour £1.5 million

The Labour party is virtually bankrupt and is only surviving on the goodwill of the Co-Op bank, which has to be a very good reason to relocate any funds in the Co-Op bank to a different bank, and not to shop at either the Co-Op or Somerfield.

Former deputy leader of the Labtard party and newly anointed Lord Fat Bastard of Bus Lane, John Prescott is running for the post of Labour Party Treasurer. Read the rest of this entry