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Gordon Brown Lied Over The Release Of The Lockerbie Bomber

Lockerbie bomber returns to Libya a celebrity

We all knew Gordon Brown lied about the release of the Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, when Brown and the other members of his regime said it was a Scottish matter, they lied.

A well orchestrated lie involving not only the governments of 2 countries, but also the Duke of York.

The Foreign Office advised Libya on the legal niceties of using the convicted murderer’s cancer diagnosis to get him released early Read the rest of this entry


British Jobs For British Workers The Cynicism And Lies Of Labour

Can anyone forget Gordon Browns “British Jobs For British Workers lie, Brown knew what he was saying was illegal under EU law.

What is worse is that when Brown and Ed Miliband were not sending British jobs overseas with their blind obedience to the Church of Climatology, they were dishing out work permits to 500,000 non EU economic migrants that could have been refused the permits in the first place.

Labour created 1.1 million jobs, gave 50% of them to immigrants so that they could continue with their plan of unfettered immigration and make Britain a multi-cultural and divided diverse society. What kind of Government makes 500,000 of it’s citizens unemployed to give the jobs to immigrants? Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown And The Great Inheritance Tax Lie

A Tory inheritance tax policy that will only benefit the 3000 richest families

If Gordon Brown is not making reference to some potential event “endangering the recovery” then it is a fairly safe bet that he will be harping on about Conservative Inheritance Tax policy only benefiting the richest 3000 families in the country.

When you think it through it is a totally ridiculous thing to say, but then a lot of what Labour is about is the sound byte, a statement in isolation quickly followed by another sound byte. No time to think,  move on quickly.

Any political party that wants to get elected needs a broad swathe of public support, a policy on Inheritance Tax that appeals to only 3000 families is hardly going to be a vote winner or General Election decider due to narrow appeal.

If the appeal is so narrow then why does Gordon Brown endlessly recite the “3000 richest families mantra”? Read the rest of this entry

More Shame On Labour Kevan Jones Apologises To Joanna Lumley

Gordon Brown and Labour’s record with our armed forces has been nothing short of disgusting.

At Chilcot Brown lied about defence spending, Labour Ministers have conducted smears and lies campaigns against serving General Officers and members of the their families, repeated Freedom Of Information requests have been filed about expense claims for officers by some of the worst Labour troughers in the MPs Expenses scandal.

Then there was shameful case of the Gurkhas and the campaign by Joanna Lumley that caused a U turn by Gordon Brown and much seething resentment and a desire for payback against Joanna Lumley.

Sky News reports today:

The actress hit back at Defence Minister Kevan Jones, who accused her of “deathly silence” over allegations UK-bound Gurkhas were being forced to pay hundreds of pounds in legal advice in Nepal.

Mr Jones apologised to Ms Lumley’s in a statement saying:

“I am sorry if any offence was caused – this was not intended.” Read the rest of this entry

Labour Rips Off The Motorist Again With Fuel Duty Increase 5 Times More Than EU Countries

Gordon Brown and Labour rip the motorist off again, since the pre-Budget report on November 2008 the fuel duty on a litre of petrol has gone up 11.46%, in the same period in Austria fuel duty has risen 2.23% and an average of 5% across 10 other EU countries.

Adding to the UK drivers’ burden, the budget is scheduled to deliver UK motoring families an early Easter egg with an inflation + 1p increase in fuel duty the day before Good Friday (April 1). This could potentially add another 2.5p a litre to the pump price of petrol and diesel*.

For petrol, EU figures show that drivers in Germany, Austria and Portugal have seen their tax go up between 2% and 2.6% since the autumn of 2008. Only Spain comes close to the UK increase, with a 10.36% increase.

For UK diesel car owners, the fuel’s tax burden has increased 8.10% – marginally lower than the 8.33% in Ireland but well above the 2.89% average for the 10 European countries. In five of those countries, the tax-take is lower now than in November 2008, reflecting the collapse in the European wholesale price of diesel. It is a saving that has been denied to UK, Irish, Dutch, Belgian and Spanish drivers.

Church of Climatology – Ed Miliband Declares War On Climate Change Sceptics

For the first time since Copenhagen ended in failure Ed Miliband has the left the safety of the Church of Climatology to announce a holy war against the heretical non believers in ManBearPig.

Miliband is worried that there will be a public backlash against man made Climate Change because bloggers and a few MSM journalists with integrity keep finding more evidence of lies, fraud, deceit and total abandonment of scientific standards and principles.

In an exclusive interview for the Observer:

But in the government’s first high-level recognition of the growing pressure on public opinion, Miliband declared a “battle” against the “siren voices” who denied global warming was real or caused by humans, or that there was a need to cut carbon emissions to tackle it.

“It’s right that there’s rigour applied to all the reports about climate change, but I think it would be wrong that when a mistake is made it’s somehow used to undermine the overwhelming picture that’s there,” he said.

“We know there’s a physical effect of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leading to higher temperatures, that’s a question of physics; we know CO2 concentrations are at their highest for 6,000 years; we know there are observed increases in temperatures; and we know there are observed effects that point to the existence of human-made climate change. That’s what the vast majority of scientists tell us.”

Business as usual, like Blair Miliband says press on regardless, even if the science is wrong.

The danger of climate scepticism was that it would undermine public support for unpopular decisions needed to curb carbon emissions, including the likelihood of higher energy bills for households, and issues such as the visual impact of wind turbines, said Miliband, who is also energy secretary.

Always a major worry for any leftwing socialist Labour politician, a new tax being rumbled by the victims before it can be slid stealthily in to law.

The Copenhagen conference in December ended with no formal agreement to make deep cuts in global emissions, or even set a timetable, but Miliband warned activists against “despair”.

Keep the faith oh dwindling band of followers, Osama Bin Laden has joined our crusade to screw the western world over for ever.

On little Eddy the MP’s own web site there is a poll on the left hand side bar:

Do you agree with the Government’s policy on coal and carbon capture and storage?

When Aardvark voted the current support was 28% for 64% against Gordon Brown and Miliband’s policies.

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Gordon Brown Makes Cynical And Desperate Appeal To Middle England

An increasingly worried and desperate Gordon Brown is back trying to woo the votes of Middle England with a speech at the left-wing Fabian Society.

In what amounts to a campaign U turn Brown is now abandoning class warfare and returning to the values of New Labour, gone is the rhetoric of the 50p Tax Rate and class war slogans of the Labour Party conference; Mandelson has said the 50p Tax Rate must go as soon as possible so that is now Brown’s policy.

Brown opened his speech with:

“It is quite clear that our opponents do not understand the needs and worries of middle income Britain.

“Because they have rejected the very economic policy that is the key to creating the middle class jobs of the future.

The so called middle class jobs are another lie like British Jobs For British Workers, Brown knew when he said that it was illegal under the rules of his beloved EU; just as British Jobs was a lie so is the Green Jobs revolution also a lie.

Finally, following Mr Brown’s earlier boast that his “green revolution” will create “400,000 green jobs”, there was the revelation that more than 90 per cent of the £2 billion cost of Britain’s largest offshore wind farm project to date, the Thames Array, will go to companies abroad, because Britain has virtually no manufacturing capacity.

After ignoring the so called middle classes for 13 years Labour now suddenly are going to be the party of Middle England

“They have said that if you are middle class you should not expect that children’s centres will be available to you, that if you are middle class child tax credits should not be available to you, that if you are middle class there will be no child trust fund available to you.

”They’ve said there’ll be no cancer guarantee for you, no check up guarantee, no waiting time guarantee, no GP guarantee, no tuition guarantee, no school standards guarantee, no skills guarantee.

”And they have said they will erode many of the universal services which gives us something beyond price – a sense of community.”

Actually what the Conservatives have said is that is you earn £50k or more a year, why should you get tax credits and other benefits? What is unreasonable about being on twice the national average salary and not getting state hand outs?

“I believe the defining mission of New Labour in the coming decade should be nothing less than to unleash a wave of social mobility not seen in this country since the immediate aftermath of the Second World War.

“I believe in an aspirational Britain. Opportunity and reward cannot be hoarded at the top, and it is not enough just to protect people at the bottom. I want to see the talents and potential of all the British people fulfilled: social mobility for the majority. ”

If a week is a long time in politics then 13 years of Labour is an eternity and Brown is more than usually deluded if he thinks that the middle classes have forgotten the raids on their pension funds, huge tax increases and a reduction in social mobility. Read the rest of this entry

Labour Hammers The Motorist Again

By Tory Aardvark


Lets Be Having Your Money

Two things that Labour hate: The Motorist and fair and balanced laws.

During the years since 1997 the motorist, all 28 million of us have been used as a cash cow for Gordon Brown’s profligate spending with the ever increasing cost of fuel, speed and traffic cameras and Green Tax lies to try and extort still more money from the motoring public.

Today is truly a red letter day for Labour they have found a new way to cost the motorist more money and damage democratic law all in one go.

From today if you are found not guilty of a motoring offence you will still have to pay the costs.

So even if innocent you have to be able to afford to pay the costs, frivolous prosecutions can be brought as they dont cost the police or the government anything, more people will plead guilty which brings in more money for the government.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the age old principle of ‘the loser pays’ has been costing the government too much money.

27th June 2007 Brown Becomes Prime Mentalist And The Country Sinks Into The Abyss

By Tory Aardvark

Two years and four months ago the cursed one eyed son of the Manse was a crowned Leader of the Labour Party and unfortunately for this country became Prime Minister.

Listen to the words he comes out in the video and then compare what he says with what he has done.

The economy ruined, reckless spending to try and stop the economic slide caused by his incompetence, selling the Armed Forces short, Lies and Smears against anyone who dare speak out against the Party and Dear Leader. The creation of the Labour Political Elite who are above the Law; the laws in some instances they have created.
From the whitewash to save the Attorney General to the latest cover up to protect the Redditch Saddleback, Brown his Labour Party and his Government are comparable only to one other country. Zimbabwe.

Complaints Stack Up Against Climate Change Advert

By Tory Aardvark

Advertising regulator fields claims that hard-hitting Act on CO2 ad is misleading and excessively scary Mark Sweney in The Guardian

Still they perpetuate the Climate Change Lie for the purposes of taxation and social engineering