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No Mention of AGW at Labour’s Conference

50 Days to save the Labtard Party, Britains worst ever PM addresses his party

The worsening state of the AGW scam is amply demonstrated by it’s complete omission from one single significant event at the Labtard conference in Manchester.

As Forrest Gump completed the political fratricide of David and droned on through his inaugural leaders speech not once did Forrest mention Global Warming, Climate Change, Global Climate Disruption, give our money away to third world dictators, ocean acidification, 20% of all plants threatened or whatever the regrouped fear stories from former warming alarmists are going to be.

This lack of attendance at the Church of Climatology has not gone unnoticed by the Church’s Synod, aka Friends of the Earth; Read the rest of this entry


Windfarms; The Truth Warming Alarmists Hide

The great wind farm lie of Green Jobs; Thanet will create just 21 new jobs

Last week Chris “Chicken Little” Huhne opened the worlds largest off shore wind farm at Thanet, Kent.

A great day for Huhne who while sipping Champagne enthused about the wonders of wind power and all those wonderful Green jobs that would be created. Aside from this blatant lie, Huhne and most of the MSM outlets are keeping quiet about the real financial cost and lack of efficiency of wind power. Read the rest of this entry

What Does The Future Hold For David Miliband?

Happier times for the brothers bland

The result of the Labour leadership contest has killed David Milibands Westminster career stone dead, if this had been a war then the elder Miliband brother is what they politely call “collateral damage” when a bomb goes astray.

Had the result been reversed then Ed as the younger brother could have stayed on and had his turn later when David stepped down, but it is difficult to see how there is a Westminster future for David Miliband for both political and personal reasons. Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Has A Lot In Common With Ed Miliband

Chicken Little has a lot in common with Ed Miliband

Chicken Little showed his true socialist warming alarmist colours today when Chicken addressed a Guardian fringe meeting at the Labtard party conference in Manchester.

Huhne said “he could imagine the Lib Dems working with Labour” at some point in the future Read the rest of this entry

Ed Miliband, Warming Alarmism And The EU Flight Ban

Empty airports if the insane EU flight ban takes hold

During his leadership campaign Ed Miliband constantly harped on about his support for the EU and Climate Change, and his record in government under Gordon Brown does confirm his support for these two dubious ideas.

Ed Miliband is supposed to represent a new direction and a fresh start for Labour, supposed to being the key word here, in reality what Labour now have is Gordon Brown MK2, younger, more polished and with interpersonal skills that Brown could not even dream of, but still the same desire for wealth redistribution and one world socialist government, and as always, firmly in the pockets of the Unions.

It was Ed Miliband who in the dying days of Gordon Browns regime tried to restart the Climate Change scam, it is this belief in the Church of Climatology and a desire to surrender more British sovereignty to the EU that makes Ed Miliband a bigger threat to Britain than the gurning Jonah from Fife ever was.

When the lunatics get together they tend to take over the asylum and this bit of insanity from the EU proves the point Read the rest of this entry

Ed Miliband vs The Thinking Mans Rotweiler

Michael Fallon the new Conservative Party Deputy Chairman has wasted no time in laying in to Ed Miliband, describing Milibland as a deficit-denying, union-controlled, u-turning, decision-ducker

Pretty accurate all in all, shame Fallon missed out warming alarmist twat as well. Read the rest of this entry

Ed Miliband Wins Labour Leadership

Ed Miliband wins and becomes Labour Leader

A close run thing but after 4 rounds of votes Forrest Gump beat Hilary Clintons toyboy.

Congratulations to Ed Miliband on your victory, but the big question is will this eventually end up with a Cain and Able scenario politically, or will D Milibland quietly leave Westminster politics in 12 months time Read the rest of this entry

Ed Miliband Predicted To Win Labour Leadership Contest

The next Labour Party Leader could be Ed Miliband

Latest news is that the smart money is now backing Ed Miliband to be the next Labour Leader, The Guardian are running an article on it, Sky News reports a very close run contest with Ed winning and rumours abound on Twitter that David concedes privately that his younger sibling will win.

Fingers crossed that Forrest Gump wins, a Trotskyite Warming Alarnist as leader of the Labtard Party, just how much better can it get? Read the rest of this entry

Chicken Little Opens The World’s Largest Wind Farm

Chris Huhne opens the worlds largest bird chopper farm

The worlds largest wind farm became operational yesterday off the coast of Thanet, Kent.

A great day for Chris “Chicken Little” Huhne as the £800 million development started to generate electricity, the champagne corks popped, Huhne grinned like a village idiot and then ruined the whole event by opening his mouth and spinning lies about Green jobs and how developments like these will be good for British jobs.

For every £1 spent in Britain, £4 went abroad to make this wind farm happen Read the rest of this entry

A New Paper From Phil Jones On Ocean Cooling

Arctic sea ice, last year this picture would have shown warming now it shows cooling

The attempt to rehabilitate Phil Jones at the University of East Anglia, following on from Climategate, his deleting data and ignoring FoI requests is picking up speed.

A carefully constructed and acted out inquiry with a pre-ordained outcome white washed Jones of any wrong doing, though he was a bit of a naughty boy for deleting data but Jones did it for noble reasons, so it was all OK really. Read the rest of this entry