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UK Wind Turbines Consume More Energy Than They Produce

Wind Turbines dont work that well in the snow

The future lies in renewables, which is a Chris Huhne euphemism for wind power.

The holy grail of Dave and the Wind God, wind power is a big, expensive and very dangerous joke for the energy security of this country.

As the country emerges from a very cold snap, it is a comforting thought for us all that our wind turbines have actually consumed more energy, than they produced.

With wind speeds across Western Europe having fallen in the last 30 years, and Britain suffering a 12% Fall In UK Renewable Energy Production the future is far from bright. Read the rest of this entry


Chris Huhne “This Green Bank Is Really A Fund”

Huhnes dream of Bank of the Church of Climatology scaled back

Another red letter day in the life of the Aardvark today and just like the last red letter day this one has got a little better as once again another green scheme that idiot Chris Huhne is in charge of, is about to  crash and burn.

Freshly returned from the car crash in Cancun, Huhne’s latest set back is the Green Investment Bank, or rather the lack of size of the bank.

Concerns within the Treasury mean that the Green Investment Bank is more likely to be a fund Read the rest of this entry

COP16 Hysteria UK Met Office “World Is Warming Faster Than We Thought”

2010 is going to be the third warmest year on record

The UK Met Office has published a report today that shows that the Planet warmed up faster than expected  over the last decade,  and of the course the reason could only ever be Anthropogenic Global Warming, which is a big relief for Climate Realists who think it might just be a combination of natural phenomena.

The UK Met Office has an appalling track record in weather forecasting, or is that climate forecasting? Read the rest of this entry

COP16 Hysteria UN “World Is On Track For Mutually Assured Destruction”

Achim Steiner world is on track for mutually assured destruction

You can always tell when there is another Climate Change scam conference due, there is a definite change in the climate, or should that be weather?

It is all one and the same to the disciples of the Church of Climatology as the ill wind of warming alarmist fear radiates from the new scam central in Cancun.

Climategate was barely hatched and wobbly on it’s feet at Copenhagen, a year down the road and Climategate has hatched Glaciergate, IPCCgate in fact more gates than a gate shop has, the lasting damage done to the credibility of the IPCC and whole Climate Disruption scam is incalculable, Anthropogenic Global Warming is dead it just hasn’t hit the ground yet.

The Church of Climatology is in terminal decline Read the rest of this entry

The Price Of Standing Up To Warming Alarmists – Update

The Thompsons Farm under siege by the Department of Environment and Conservation

Back in September Aardvark blogged about the plight of the Thompson family in Western Australia as the Gauleiter for Climate Change and The Rhineland set about destroying the Thompson’s farm because Matt Thompson dared to speak out against the man made global warming scam.

The latest news is that the Thompsons are still there, under siege but still on their farm.

Jo Nova takes up the story Read the rest of this entry

Bonfire Of The Green Quangos


Caroline Lucas If its not support for eco terrorists its support for real terrorists


Amongst the really good news about the Bonfire of the Quangos, is even better news as two of Gordon Brown’s Stasi like departments the Renewables Advisory Board and the Renewable Fuels Agency have been abolished.

Caroline Lucas, Britain’s only eco terrorist mentalist MP is deeply upset by this, which means it is a good thing for everyone who lives in the real world.

The death of the Renewables Advisory Board was accompanied by a leaked letter saying its abolition was because “Those bodies that are considered to no longer deliver functions that are a priority … will be wound up

This letter has even been seen by the Guardian. OMG! Read the rest of this entry

The End Of Another Stupid Green Idea – M4 Bus Lane To Be Scrapped

The end of a pointless Church of Climatology idea

The brain child of Lord Fat Bastard of Bus Lane is to be scrapped, the M4 bus lane hated by motorists for years will soon be just another bad  memory from the New Labour experiment.

Another ill-conceived idea pandering to vocal Green minorities, the M4 bus lane was supposed to reduce congestion in London and force commuters on to public transport Read the rest of this entry

12% Fall In UK Renewable Energy Production

For the second time in 2010 our output of renewable energy fell by 12% due to “lower than expected wind speeds and a reduction in rainfall” according to Chicken Little’s Department of Energy and Climate Religion.

At last people are waking up to the great Green wind con and the reduction in output is causing questions to be asked about the £1 billion subsidy of tax payers money that the renewables scam receives each year. Read the rest of this entry

Chicken Little Opens The World’s Largest Wind Farm

Chris Huhne opens the worlds largest bird chopper farm

The worlds largest wind farm became operational yesterday off the coast of Thanet, Kent.

A great day for Chris “Chicken Little” Huhne as the £800 million development started to generate electricity, the champagne corks popped, Huhne grinned like a village idiot and then ruined the whole event by opening his mouth and spinning lies about Green jobs and how developments like these will be good for British jobs.

For every £1 spent in Britain, £4 went abroad to make this wind farm happen Read the rest of this entry

The End Of Warming Alarmism In Britain?

HM Treasury wants to absorb Department of Climate Change

Some really good news for those not taken in by the Climate Change Disruption scam, and still more doom and gloom for the dwindling bunch of warming alarmists.

Chris “Chicken Little” Huhne was only yesterday outlining new plans for Green taxes and further donations to the Church of Climatology, when today comes the news that HM Treasury want to “shit can” the Department of Energy and Climate Change and absorb it’s staff in to HM Treasury.

Huhne is terrified at the prospect that should this happen his staff will , in Huhne’s own words “end up going native”. Read the rest of this entry