Gordon Brown – does he really believe his own propaganda

By Tory Aardvark

Gordon Brown predicts strong economic growth in the next 12 months.

Gordon's strong growth for the next 12 months encapsulated

Gordon's strong growth for the next 12 months encapsulated

His remarks have taken most economists by surprise, only last week there were warnings of a double dip recession, Brown then goes on to say the Conservatives are pessimists who plan the biggest cuts in public spending for 30 years that will  prolong the recession and increase unemployment. More nice warm fluffy Labour cuts, as opposed to cruel baby eating Tory cuts, that lie is getting old really fast.

Now in full flow,  Brown then says  that it’s simply not true that tough times lie ahead. Is Brown lying, being less than honest with us or is he simply so far gone he actually believes his own propaganda.

Brown criticses the Conservative economic plans, the IMF on the other hand support the Conservative plans for austerity.

Further bad news for Labour today in the polls which show that the country trusts the Conservatives more with the economy than they do Labour, which considering this latest statement, is it any wonder?

The simply brilliant Mr Nelson, NAILS BROWN again…
As noted in the Speccie. “This is why Gordon Brown can probably be judged the most expensive leader of any Western democracy since the war. The costs of his arrogance, misjudgments and rank incompetence will be with us for years, perhaps decades, to come.” he says.

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