I Love The Smell Of Green Apocalypse In The Morning

I love the smell of Green Apocalypse in the morning, it smells like subsidy

I love the smell of Green Apocalypse in the morning, it smells like subsidy

The Green regression to 2008 continues, by winding back the clock they possibly hope to continue business as usual with a CO2 fearing world hanging on their every word,  how it used to be, before Climategate and COP15 Copenhagen delivered the mortal blow to the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam.

In those heady days of 2008, climate fear stories were relentlessly churned out, and faithfully reported by a Liberal biased MSM that could not wait to print stories about the coming environmental Apocalypse, the same stories that are now coming back to haunt the Green propagandists and their publicity machines.

All the fear stories had a theme, apart from fear that is. sinking Pacific islands, sea level rising several gazillion feet, wall to wall dead Polar Bears, mass species extinction and the list of things that our children would not know spanned everything from snow to Madagascan fruit bats.

As the man-made climate change scam has continued its lingering death and global fear of CO2 has hit a 20 year low, so the warming alarmists have returned to the old formula of Green environmental holocaust to try breathe new life into their political agenda.

Prepare for an absolute fest of straw man arguments, junk science and bared face Green lies:

But just because we’ve been wrong so many times before, does that mean we’re safe forever? Or have we been lulled into a false sense of security, and do the timeframes involved disguise the scale of the risks posed to conditions for human civilisations?

This is just a simple rehash of Tony Blair’s COP15 statement “The world must take action on climate change…even if the science is not correct“.

Straw man argument, Blair is just plain stupid or Blair is relentlessly pushing a political agenda, you decide.

Look back far enough and you’ll see that very bad things do happen. The world has experienced five mass extinction events during which over 95% of marine species and 80% of four legged creatures died out.

The climate warmed during the gloriously named Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), driving one of Earth’s more recent extinction events 55m years ago. Now we are living through a man-made mass extinction event.

Just because something “bad” happened in the past does not mean it will happen again, if you get struck by lightning then you have no greater or lesser chance of being struck again.

Now 55 million years ago there was no industrialized civilization on the planet, yet the temperature of the planet rose, in Green world this is not possible because only Homo sapiens can change the climate and ultimately control the weather and the climate.

As to the man-mad mass extinction event, lies. Here is a list of species that have become extinct since 1750, the last animal to become extinct was the Javan Tiger in 1980. Just about 99% of all species that have ever lived on planet Earth are extinct, it is the way of nature and natural evolution, man is not without blame for over hunting animals to extinction, but a man-made extinction event is a lot more than the overstating the truth.

Vast subsidies pour into the fossil fuel industries, and in the UK new tax breaks have encouraged investment at a 30-year high into North Sea oil and gas exploration and production.

That is in spite of the best science available suggesting that we can only afford to burn around a quarter or a fifth of proven reserves if we are to avoid potentially runaway global warming. And, instead of climate campaigners being applauded for their actions, they are being hounded with £5 million law suits.

The best science available is politically motivated junk science where so called Climate Scientists compete for the huge research grants gifted to those that arrive at required predetermined political conclusions that support the Green Agenda.

Any Green story always has a pay off, in cold hard cash normally obfuscated with noble and morally superior Green motives:

My new book, Cancel the Apocalypse, is about how we can face this challenge positively, without slipping into denial, despair or cynical profiteering.

The pay off my new book, it is a crying shame that Liberals, Greens and Socialists are too anally retentive to be able to see the irony of slipping into denial, despair or cynical profiteering., the whole Green boondoggle has been built on denial of observed empirical evidence, of late despair has crept in as the AGW scam has dropped off the political radar,  and as for cynical profiteering, everything from Solyndra to Green subsidies and Green taxes is about nothing more than cynical profiteering, much like writing a book about yet another maybe Green Apocalypse.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. http://toryaardvark.com @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. All these fossil fuel subsidies must be why my petrol is so cheap.

    Hang on! Ah I’ve got it now. The petrol tax I pay subsidises the govt. Is this what they mean?

  2. Quoting that effin clown Bliar does not inject the slightest legitimacy to any argument, least of all man made global warming – immediately and the minute Bliar started uttering global warming mantras – the whole world should have asked – what is his ****ing angle?

    The answer was, the European Presidency, he will not make the Pontificate this year but soon Dick Van Rumpy’s job will up for grabs and Tony – like the swamp hound he’s always been will come and sniffing round the Brussels bitch.

  3. Popular Technology has a nice compilation of links to articles written during the great Global Cooling fantasy of the 1970s:


  4. I had one or two things to say in the comments column of this fatuous article you refer to by Mr Simms in the Guardian very much along the same lines as what you are saying. Needless to say they were instantly expunged by the Thought Police who pose as moderators there. The fingers are firmly in the ears.

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