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The Shame Of Labours Scorched Earth Policy

Gordon Brown burns Britain as he knows the election is lost

As far back as November 2009 there were rumours that Gordon Brown and Labour were implementing a scorched earth policy with hidden debts and booby traps for the next Government.

The story surfaced again in March this year with Labour’s £11billion Scorched Earth Spending Spree

Now less than a week into the new government and the cat is well and truly out of the bag. In the last weeks of Government as the Russians closed in on the fuhrerbunker General Election loomed so Labour set about screwing the country for their own political ends.

The newly discovered Whitehall “black holes” could force even more severe public spending cuts, or higher tax rises, ministers fear.

Vince Cable, the business secretary, said: “I fear that a lot of bad news about the public finances has been hidden and stored up for the new government. The skeletons are starting to fall out of the cupboard.”

The new cabinet has been discovering previously unknown contracts and uncosted spending commitments left by their spendthrift predecessors. Read the rest of this entry

Byers, Hoon and Hewitt Suspended We See

Anyone who saw the Channel 4 Dispatches program cannot fail to have been disgusted at the MPs behaviour, arrogance and the blatant lies they used to oversell their influence and importance.

From the delusional Margaret Moron who is too ill to take calls from constituents but looked fit and well at her interview, to Stephen Byers with his For Hire sign brightly lit and the two failed coup conspirators Hoon and Hewitt, as one they came across as grasping avaricious pigs who would stop at nothing to profit from their contacts and inside knowledge.

Yesterday Gordon Brown said there was no need for an inquiry, now this evening the BBC are reporting that Byers, Hoon and Hewitt have been suspended from the Labour Party.

Because this might be the last chance ever to say it “What a Hoon”