Sustainable Porridge – The Chris Huhne Story

Former  Liberal Democrat Climate Change Secretary and common criminal Christopher Murray Paul-Huhne arrives at his new home for the next few months,  Wandsworth jail

Former Liberal Democrat Climate Change Secretary and common criminal Christopher Murray Paul-Huhne arrives at his new home for the next few months, Wandsworth jail

Day 1 of captivity got off to a bad start for disgraced former Liberal Democrat Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne when a prison warder with a great sense of humor called Huhne to breakfast with a shout of “Order Order” over the prison Tannoy system, reminding Huhne of his days as a Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament.

The warder then continued with “The right honourable member for Wandsworth North – down to the office,“, Huhne then left his cell to collect his meal while the other prisoners roared with laughter.

After breakfast Huhne’s day continued to go to hell in a handcart with his fellow convicts bullying and humiliating him, and, having found out that Huhne is a millionaire, they started badgering him for money.

All this was too much for Huhne who scuttled off to see the Governor of the prison where he asked to be moved to the wing where vulnerable prisoners are housed, for vulnerable prisoners read sex offenders, pedophiles and former police officers, the real low life scum of the prison system that even other criminals find offensive.

The problems with his fellow housemates are not Huhne’s only worries: the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is seeking £110000 costs from him,  then  there is a huge legal bill to paid for all Huhne’s legal wrangling to try and squash the case before it came to trial.

While doing time Huhne is thought to be planning to write a book, has was at one time a financial journalist,  he is also said to planning a fourth career which will more than likely involve  crony capitalism and rent seeking from the Green scams he put in place as Environment Secretary.

True to form just before he was jailed Huhne found the time to take one last swipe at his Cabinet nemesis, Chancellor George Osborne:

In a parting shot at Mr Osborne, Mr Huhne accused the Treasury of undermining “green growth” and the Coalition’s goal of being “the greenest government ever.” He wrote in the book: “In hard times, the worst thing the green agenda can do is slink back , awaiting the return of growth. We need, quite simply, to go green as quickly as we can.”

Mr Huhne added: “In theory, all three major British parties now share a cross-party consensus towards decarbonisation. However, the danger is that differences in enthusiasm between the Treasury and the Department of Energy and Climate Change have become exposed, and those mixed messages worry investors about staking their money on a low-carbon future.

“Investors abhor uncertainty, particularly in an area where government taxes or subsidies are crucial in offsetting the failure of the market to take into account the impact of carbon emissions.”

Which is Huhnespeak for without tax payer funded subsidies these monuments to Green folly, wind turbines and solar panels, cannot survive.

Huhne is by his own admission a serial liar, and when it came to the costs of Green energy subsidy Huhne repeatedly lied about the cost increase on energy bills, and kept lying about the cost of Green subsidies, when Freedom of Information (FoI) requests about the costs of renewable energy subsidies were submitted, both Huhne and his department, DECC refused to answer them.

The future is not that bright for Chris Huhne, his political career is deader than a dead thing, Huhne had a knack for making enemies, powerful enemies who will not be going away anytime soon, the public have no love for him, and, as a convicted criminal he brings little credibility or prestige to any business venture.

There is talk about Huhne re-inventing himself as some sort of Al Gore style figure and fighting the Green fight, the problems for Huhne in this role are his public admissions that he is both a serial liar and a criminal, which will continue to be Huhne’s own version of the Ancient Mariner’s Albatross for the rest of his life.


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  1. We need to round up all Huhne’s fellow celebrity stock market parasite chums and imprison them on St Kilda let them fend for themselves apart from annual from tinned food rations at the starvaton levels they would impose on the vulnerable.

  2. dear tory aardvark:

    im going to sink your career so fast your head will spin. its only fair to give you a heads up

  3. Vertical axis wind farms are no good the bottom bearing will go knackered quick style !

  4. I can just see him emerging having had some sort of epiphany in gaol and becoming a green evangelist. The green movement will rally to him and he will preach even more extreme greenism and tax theft….
    Hopefully he will find another bisexual lover in gaol in the meantime.

  5. He’ll be out in a month, for health reasons. The anthropogenic global warming fraud could not have survived the High Court’s tearing apart the science, feted in Al Gore’s, An Inconvenient Truth, and the Climategate expose’, without an all party agreement.
    A year ago, New Zealand’s climate scientists, were exposed by their fellows for ‘adjusting’ its historical temperatures. The real scientists revealed that had been no warming in New Zealand for 50 years. Apparently global warming isn’t global, and perhaps that’s why they talk about climate change and not global warming, nowadays.

  6. Yes, but will he be getting the lead in the Wandsworth production of How Green Was My Valley?

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