Poland, COP19 And The International Coal Conference

Hosting an international conference on coal at the same time as COP19, no doubt about it the Poles have a great sense of irony.

Hosting an international conference on coal at the same time as COP19, no doubt about it the Poles have a great sense of irony.

The decision made on Day 3 of COP18 for Poland to host COP19 was always a strange one, but then so was the choice of Qatar to host COP18.

Qatar’s position on Anthropogenic Global Warming could be charitably described as ambiguous, Poland is best described as obstructive to the EU Climate Change Laws and the aspirations of the UNFCCC.

Then last month the COP19 website caused massive Green outrage when a page appeared promoting the benefits of melting Arctic ice: “Melting Arctic Ice Offers New Opportunities For Drilling, Chasing Pirates, Terrorists & Ecologists”, unsurprisingly the Green meltdown exceeded that of alleged melting of the polar ice caps.

From a Green perspective things have pretty much gone to hell in a hand cart for COP19, but then when you think things can’t get any worse, or better, depending upon your point of view, this happens:

On a scale of diplomatic blunders, organising an international coal conference at the same time as a UN climate summit appears to be fairly substantial.

Coal is the most polluting of fossil fuels, which makes the Polish Ministry of Economy’s decision to host the International Coal and Climate conference from November 18-19 appear curious.

You really do have to love the Poles for raising a middle finger at the Greens and the UN boondogglers.

Diplomatic blunder?

Doubtful given Poland’s track record on resisting the Green economic suicide that is so readily embraced by most of the EU member nations.

In short, coal seems to be an enemy to what UN envoys call ‘climate ambition’. But the Polish hosts of the 19th Conference of the Parties to the UN, which starts on Monday 11 November, disagree.

The country’s environment minister Marcin Korolec says opponents of the coal summit are “very strange, if not worrying”.

No doubt about it, COP19 really is going to be the biggest UNFCCC COP failure since records began.


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