Australia Dumps Carbon Tax

Much to the outrage of the global Green and warming alarmist cabal, Australian voters have been heard and Julia Gillard's carbon tax consigned to the dumpster of history.

Much to the outrage of the global Green and warming alarmist cabal, Australian voters have been heard and Julia Gillard’s carbon tax consigned to the dumpster of history.

One thing you can be absolutely sure of, globally, there will be a huge number of outraged Greens and warming alarmists because Australia has dumped it’s carbon tax.

This as the saying goes really is a double whammy, Australian PM Tony Abbott is a politician who has actually kept his word and dumped the hugely unsuccessful and deeply unpopular Carbon Tax, that Labor PM Julia Gillard promised voters she would never introduce, and then promptly broke her word.

The Carbon Tax was ill conceived, it generated virtually no revenue because of its negative impact on productivity and led directly to the downfall of the Gillard Labor/Green coalition, so it wasn’t all bad really.

Alarm bells will be sounding across the Green world as those that believe that crippling Green taxation will allow the human race to select a climate of its own choosing, can see their belief system about to come crashing down. In the immortal words of EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard “A world you like. With a climate you like“, delusional thinking even by 15th Century standards, frankly bizarre in the 21st Century.

The response from the Green rent seekers, crony capitalists, left wing politicians and others complicit in the AGW scam has been, well what you would expect really:

EU climate commissioner Connie Hedegaard said the European Union regretted the repeal of the tax just as new pricing initiatives are emerging around the world.

“The EU is convinced that pricing carbon is not only the most cost-effective way to reduce emissions, but also THE tool to make the economic paradigm shift the world needs. This is why the EU will continue to work towards global carbon pricing with all international partners,” she said.

“With today’s repeal of the Carbon Pricing Mechanism, the discussions to link the Australian system and Europe’s carbon market will evidently be discontinued.”

Assorted Green NGOs are muttering darkly about irresponsibility, catastrophic climate change, rising sea levels and Green Armageddon because a country that emits just 1.19% of global CO2 emissions has repealed a job and wealth killing tax. To obfuscate the tiny global percentage of CO2 that Australia emits the warming alarmist cabal have invented CO2 emissions per capita to overstate their case and make Australia appear to be a bigger “polluter” than it actually is.

Climate scientists say the country is also likely to expect more extreme weather events as the plant warms, including prolonged periods of drought and more wildfires.

This Green tax definitely had mythical properties being able to control the weather, prevent wildfires and drought.  Where will the Unicorns be able to drink now?

WWF-Australia CEO Dermot O’Gorman said the move ensured polluting would now be “free”.

“This will see carbon pollution go up, not down,” he said.

“Without an effective mechanism to cut carbon pollution, Australia is unlikely to meet its international commitments to cut pollution by 5-25% by 2020 and tackle global warming.

There is more bad news looming if you are possessed of an irrational fear of CO2, it appears that the world’s oldest Carbon Market is about to join Australia’s Carbon Tax in the dumpster:

Another looming setback to connecting markets and eventually setting a global price on polluting carbon is the possibility that New Zealand’s ETS, small but one of the first to be established, will be scrapped after a September election.

In remains to be seen how many other countries will further remove themselves from the UN backed AGW scare, Canada is a  likely candidate, in a devastating blow to the UNFCCC process Canada withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol stating “Kyoto was not the way forward for Canada or the world” just one day after COP18 finished.

Japan is also wavering on committing Green economic suicide now, then of course there is Putin’s Russia which will play along with the AGW scam for as long as it suits Gazprom and not 1 second longer.

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