Climate Change – Now Animals Are Shrinking

Polar Bears are shrinking due to Climate Change

Poor old Ursus maritimus is allegedly suffering again from the effects of Man Made Global Warming,  now polar bears are shrinking in size.

The Polar bear has almost become the doomed mascot of the Church of Climatology, the ecomentalist’s Christ on Cross who has suffered for our sins, well, according to the religious teachings of Al Gore, Greenpeace, WWF and FoE the ploar bear has.

The drowning polar bears, resurfaced as Polarbeargate and just like so many more Green and Environmentalist lies, the declining Arctic sea ice was in fact increasing at the rate of an area the size of Manhattan every 3 minutes, now in the latest effort to keep belief in Anthropogenic Global Warming alive, the polar bear and other species are supposedly shrinking in size:

Researchers argue that warmer and drier weather causes plants and animals to reach smaller sizes, while more variable rainfall levels raise the risk of failed crop years.

Over the past century animals including toads, tortoises, blue tits, Soay sheep and red deer have all started to reduce in size, they said.

Lower levels of sea ice have even resulted in polar bears getting smaller, according to a report in the Nature Climate Change journal.

Dr David Bickford and Jennifer Sheridan of the National University of Singapore wrote: “The consequences of shrinkage are not yet fully understood, but could be far-reaching for biodiversity and humans alike.

“Because recent climate change may be faster than past historical changes in climate, many organisms may not respond or adapt quickly enough. This implies that species may go extinct because of climate change.”

Later on in the article Nick  Collins writing in The Telegraph,  states that global temperatures have risen almost 1C in 100 years, which is true, and directly contradicts the point he is making by quoting Blickford and Sheridan who say recent Climate Change may be faster than in previous times in history, but then in their world the Middle Age Warming Period and the Little Ice Age which followed, have been ironed out by a hockey stick.

Reduced food supplies are likely to mean that animals at the top of their food chains – including humans – will grow to smaller sizes, have fewer offspring, and be more vulnerable to disease, they added.

Cold blooded animals, particularly amphibians, are at the highest risk because having a smaller size will put them at greater risk of drying up in warmer temperatures.

During the past century global average temperatures have risen by almost 1C, and climate experts predict 7C of warming by 2100.

7C temperature rise by the end of the century,  is the top end of the alarmist doom scenario and a bit wacky for all but the most fervent environmental zealots, most hysteria mongers are trying to stop a predicted 2C rise by 2100.

But then this is the silly season for Environmentalist fairy tales, the doomed COP17 climate fest in Durban is getting ever closer and it’s time to try and whip up the Climate Fear with all sorts of stories about the non materializing CO2 wolf again.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Has it not occurred to any of these so-called “experts” that this is purely evolution doing it’s thing as it has always done?
    No doubt we will all be placed into further debt and belt-tightening ( maybe the reason for human shrinkage?) in order to fund more useless research and 5 course meal debates for those very same experts

  2. They’re not really smaller, they’re just further away.

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