Why Kerry McCarthy Must Stand Down

Bristol24-7 has this story on McCarthy’s breach of electoral law yesterday:

Bristol East Labour MP Kerry McCarthy, Gordon Brown’s “Twitter Tsar”, has apologised for revealing a sample of postal votes on the social networking website.

Ms McCarthy breached electoral law by giving details of a constituency postal vote count to her 5,700 followers on Twitter.

Last night the matter was referred by Bristol City Council to Avon and Somerset police, who will decide whether or not to charge the government whip and former solicitor.

The candidate, who has been charged by the Labour party with managing and encouraging on-message tweets, deleted the message within minutes, and apologised.

“On hearing the results of a random and unscientific sample of postal votes, I posted them on Twitter,” she said.

“It was a thoughtless thing to do, and I very quickly realised that it was not appropriate to put such information in the public domain.

“Because this was not official information, and no votes had been counted, I thought of it as being akin to canvass returns, ie telling people how well we were doing with Labour promises on the doorstep, but I appreciate now it was wrong to do so.”

Section 66 of the 1983 Representation of the People Act forbids “any statement relating to the way in which voters have voted at the election” before polls close.

McCarthy is a solicitor and as such you would expect her to be aware of the laws governing elections, but then again, we have Gordon Brown’s pet Attorney General Patrician Scotland, who breaks the laws she herself gets on the statute books; so you can’t really expect too much law abiding from those lower down the food chain in the Labour Party.

The damage was done the moment the allegedly media savvy McCarthy clicked the Tweet button, deleting the Tweet and saying I’m sorry really does not cut much ice.

The Tweet was caught saved and is all over the Internet like fleas on a hedgehog, Aardvark has removed the numbers from Tweets so that this blog does not break the law.

The full unredacted Tweets are there for all to see with the numbers of actual votes cast, they will doubtless be seen by voters in Bristol East and there is the chance they could influence people’s choice of vote, McCarthy can no longer be considered to be on the same playing field as the other PPCs.

If Avon and Somerset Police decide there is a case to answer then McCarthy has no option but to stand down, her position would be untenable.

Either way there is a big question hanging over the election in Bristol East and the only way to avoid the rotten borough politics of Labour is for Kerry McCarthy to go.

* * * Updated * * *

There have been other complaints made to Police today about irregularities with Labour and postal votes, namely Derby and Tower Hamlets.

Voters dont have to put up with situation and do nothing as Ollie Cromwell points out on The Red Rag blog:

McCarthy has been reported to the police and they will no doubt follow due process, however given this candidate has broken the law and has interfered with the electoral process any win for her should not be allowed to stand. The returning officer should be encouraged to seek urgent legal advice to identify what can be done to prevent a result being declared in favour of a candidate who has committed a crime to influence the result.

So why not drop a line to Stephen McNamara, Acting Returning Officer for Bristol East.


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  1. For the original broken story which includes her “pass the buck” blame @Parlez_me_nTory excuse please see http://bracknellblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/bristol-east-are-opening-postal-votes.html

  2. Bush bunny

    Yesterday …greenarrow…site, had published the results as she had on her twitter site… However, it would seem her
    seat is not considered safe … this might explain why most
    of the alleged votes are for other parties in two digits and
    she is in three? If you take off the the third digit, she is behind the libs and conservatives (that were the highest).
    Then it looks like a division of percentages.

    Just a thought, polls in Oz for postal votes. We have all
    registered posters per electorate on a ledger. When you vote your name is scrubbed off, and you are handed the postal vote form that must be posted before the day of the election at the polling booth. Unless you are overseas.

    It is compulsory to vote of course. If your name isn’t scrubbed off the election roll, you’ll be fined. This goes
    for local council as well as State and Federal government
    elections. I forgot one day, and got a letter asking why
    and I said I was out of town. It was a local council election
    and I would not have been able to vote anywhere else.

    The same goes for on election day. This then checks if someone as they have done in the past, multiple votes by one person.

    I think this woman is trying to make herself look in a stronger position than she really is. In other words she
    is bullshitting to gain advantage. That is fraud.

  3. Sarah Ashley

    It certainly seems that Ms McCarthy was fabricating the results, maybe it is on these grounds she presumes herself innocent. The problem is that even with false results she was attempting to influence an election.

    • Bush bunny

      This is the third time I have replied to Sarah. They are not being published for some reason. Percentages
      on her twitter were obviously fudged although she portrayed them as an actual number of votes.

      Take off the third digit from her so called share of postal votes
      and add up the remainder and it comes out as a percentage

      Poor lady can’t do her sums, perhaps?

  4. Bush bunny

    I thought I had checked with thegreenarrow site and it was
    still there on 1st May. I did some math, and I was nearly right. Take away the minor parties ED, Greens, UKIP, (add up to 15) but leave in TUSC, BNP, LibDem, Tory and Lab without the 6 on the end, and those parties add up to 100. So that’s a percentage and she’s gone and put in a third digit.

    Here seat is not considered safe according to the UK polls.

    The main point is how can you trust a politician who fudges
    statistics. Gud one Kerry. (Or can’t do her sums properly!

  5. Bush bunny

    Somehow my last reply wasn’t posted. I did maths
    Remove her results for three minor parties, ED, Greens and
    TUSC that add up to 15 votes in her calculation. But include
    UKIP, BNP, Libs, Tory, and take off the 6 from her tally for
    labor, and it comes to 100.

    How can you trust a politician who fudges percentages,
    or rather can’t do her sums, LOL.

    Obviously she isn’t an experienced ‘twitterer’ or she is doing
    just that, twittering. Unsafe seat it was considered even
    more so now dear.

  6. Bush bunny

    Actually, the Tories are leading both LibDems and Labour
    by 33%. Libs 24%. No – whats 34% T to 22% Labor yes approximately 33%.

    In an unsafe seat I’d be worried.

  7. you tory scum

    kerry won

    but you are so scared of her

    she is a far better mp than any of your candidates

    do you hang people who make mistakes? is that the big society ?

  8. Bush bunny

    Well now labour have lost, she’ll have time on her hands
    to justify you voting for her. And you can visit in jail if the cops
    charge her with electoral fraud.

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